Are you bi or pan?

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This is a quiz for questioning queers! this quiz will be nonsexual, since I am a minor and virgin and wouldn't know what the heck I'm talking about. I hope this can help you in your journey, even tho only you can identify yourself, and not a simple quiz ;)

(there are 4 categories by the way, since I can't do 2; hetero- and homosexual/romantic is also included!)

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    Quick, without thinking, picture yourself with your future partner!

    what's their gender?

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7 days ago
For 80% you are: Hi there, fellow bisexual!
i am happy to welcome you to the bisexual community, as long as you want to!
we just kind of vibe:)
here is the definition: "attracted to two or more genders", most people forget the last three words, but know that it's totally fine to fall for an enby, genderfluid,...
the difference between bi's and pans is (imo) the fact that most bi's have a preference, all though you don't have to! pans are most likely to fall for anyone, regardless of gender.

it's almost the same thing, but it isn't and the difference matters to some people!

keep doing you and know you're totally valid and loved!

Bisexual all the way 💞💞💞 But I am panromantic though.. I can fall in love with everybody yet not have🍦with everyone...
Or even have🍦at all.. it's feels like an hassle
9 days ago
Hewwoo :3 I got 60% pan %20 bi 20% gay ;p
35 days ago
Am I Pan or Bi? I'm 50% of each! What do I do 😭
37 days ago
Ahahahaha😂😂 Mine was like " Congrats!!! You are straight!!!!" And i started freaking out and then read some more " Just kidding. You are gay. As 💝. I don't even know whou you arr taking this test.". AHAHAHHAHA 😂😂😂
I almost fainted with that sentence " you are straight"
38 days ago
40% bi and 40% pan, HELP?? i'm still so confused 😭
43 days ago
lol mine said 40 Bi, 30 pans, 30 lesbian, and 0 straight
48 days ago
yea I identify as bisexual but I didn't really care what gender someone was like if I had feelings for them I have feelings for them no biggie it didn't really matter what gender someone was so I think this is accurate I'm still going to identify as bisexual until I truly know what my sexuality is nice quiz btw
50 days ago
When it says that you’re 40% pan 40% bi 46% unclear and 0% straight IM SORRY BUT THIS DOESN’T ANSWER MY QUESTION
50 days ago
Well I did the test just for fun- I got 100% Pan :^ I mean its not wrong lmao
Have a great day
51 days ago
I Got 60% gay/lesbian and 30% pansexual and 10% bisexual (personally I think gay and bi should swap percent for me)
56 days ago
heh i got 50% bi, 20% straight and pan umm ya it’s kinda hard to accept that i’m actually bi but i’m totally fine with it :)
57 days ago
40% pan, 40% bi, and 20% straight
i'm confused, i think i'm pan, but i do have a preference, so idek :(((
57 days ago
i got 50% bi and 40% pan and 10% gay . i honestly can’t tell what i am anymore , sexuality is confusing;(
63 days ago
50%bi 40%pan 10%gay, I'm very confused but i think I'm bi rn
63 days ago
I am 70% Pan and 30% Bi.

I always considered myself as Bi with a preference for the opposite 😻 I just took this test for fun. After analyzing myself I found this test to be true. My commitment-phobic😻is in more danger because I care about feelings, not biology. Meh... more people to cowardly run from.
64 days ago
I'm 40%pan 30%bi 20%gay 10%straight. I'm not sure about the straight one though...🏳️‍🌈
66 days ago
50% pan, 50% bi, though i'm pretty sure i'm pan ( i think? this is confusing lmao-)
68 days ago
30% bi 30% pan 30% gay 10% straight- .-. WHY
68 days ago
I am 40 bi
40 pan
20 gay
anddddddddddd 0 straight (no shock there i knew that)

U came here tot ell if i am bi or pan and even the test cant decide (I know im not gay)
70 days ago
am 80% precent pans 10% straight 10% Gay and 0% precent Bi. I disagree with the Bi becauseeeeeeeee.....