Am I Bisexual Or Lesbian?

Are you curious about your sexuality or simply seeking some clarity? Fear not, we are here to lend a hand. Just a few questions stand between you and some insights – We will do our best to assess your potential sexuality based on what I know. Keep in mind that these answers aren't foolproof; they're merely based on the information at hand.
Let's dive in!

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    Let's start, shall we? I know you all hate this question, but what do you think your sexuality is?

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19 days ago
Um hey guys can somebody PLEASE TELL ME WHAT DOES:Bisexual mean?!
54 days ago
man ive been questioning if im bi or les and this said les… idk… i feel like maybe i just have a strong fem lean but im also just more attracted to women. but idk !!! i’ve been in relationships with men and have loved them and thought they were handsome and all but whenever it was time to do the deed i needed so much more than i’d need from a woman. i’m definitely physically more attracted to women. idk…
106 days ago
I am actually in the same situation!!!
106 days ago
So as I said before I think I’m lesbian because I like girls more than any other gender but I can see my self liking trans and nonbinary people so I’m actually privat bi because I like more than one gender but not all genders and I have a preference of girls.
106 days ago
Ok so I got lesbian and I’ve identified as pan before but im definitely not pan and I went to pride fest as lesbian but recently I’ve been questioning whether im lesbian or bisexual with a preference to girls. Im leaning more towards lesbian because I’ve had “crushes” on guys before but it was only when I was little and thinking of kissing a guy sounds very gross. And the only guy crushes I’ve had recently are fictional characters and this one trans guy YouTuber and musician. I’ve kissed a girl and have been in a romantic relationship with a girl and it’s absolutely amazing. And really I can’t image being in a long term relationship with a guy or even just dating one but I do desire a relationship with a girl.
133 days ago
technicaly im lesbian-bisexual but ok
143 days ago
My result came out as Bisexual. But I’m still unsure. So far I’ve had only guy celebrity crushes. Then I crushed on my girl best friend for a bit, we spoke about it and decided to do nothing about it. Then I loved a boy. And now I think I have a crush on my other girl best friend. I’m probably bi… but oof! It’s confusing!
160 days ago
ive had 2 crushes in my entire life which honestly hasnt been that long, but anyway my first one was a boy who i had a crush on from 1st grade to 2th grade and then from 4th grade to now but im not sure if i still have a crush on her. ive been reading a few of the latest comments to this quiz and it seems like you all have been going through similar things. anyway this quiz though nice has made me even more confused. in all the tests ive taken ive got different results in. why is life so difficult >:(
238 days ago
Romantically I like guys and girls, but the other way (it won't let me say it 💀) I think I just like girls??? Like if someone shows me a picture of a so called hot guy, I feel absolutely nothing, and I don't think I'd ever y'know, "do the devil's tango" with a dude.
265 days ago
i kin all of you lmao
265 days ago
I'm glad that im a lesbian and I love women and proud of it
280 days ago
@ur fave werido YAS same girl boys and girls are hot for me but girls are a bit hotter? idk im gonna take the quiz and find out
303 days ago
I got lesbian, but I am still going to be questioning...well I know I truly love girls, but I am not sure if I even like boys do I really wanna date a guy? I don't know....
305 days ago
im a lesbian on the acespec imao
307 days ago
i knew i’m a lesbian but uk i just wanted to make it clear ;)
311 days ago
I think I’m les but maybe bi so I guess I’m queer!?
313 days ago
Ok idk if I'm pansexual or bisexual
318 days ago
look, im still in elementry school so i dont plan on having human reproduction any time soon
331 days ago
I think I'm Bi? No idea but I haven't liked a guy in like two years so I think I might be Lesbian
336 days ago
second questions kind of weird imo as an ace spec person ,,