Am I Bisexual Or Lesbian?

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Are you questioning your sexuality or are you just making sure? Well, either way, I'm here to help. Just answer a few questions and ill tell what I think your sexuality is. Answers are not 100% correct. I'll just be doing this on what I know.

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    Let's start, shall we? I know you all hate this question but what do you think your sexuality is?

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I got Bi :) i knew I would I'm just sorta bored and wanna see what tests think of me
14 days ago
im 98% straight 2% lesbian
18 days ago
I have a Gf......... I think im bi...... I DONT 🌻 KNOW.... also im 12
34 days ago
Im only 12 and i told this guy i liked him, but now i have a crush on a girl..... i dont know what to do or how i feel.
34 days ago
im so confused about my sexuality..
37 days ago
For me,I think I’m 90% lesbian and 10% bixesual because I love girls why more love the,pm so much!💗 but twice I had a very small crush on guy
40 days ago
So...i´m not really sure if i´m bi or a lesbian.
Yeah, i´m definetly ace, but in the romantic direction...
Not really sure. Girls do look better than guys (in my opinion) , i would rather date a girl than a guy, but there is this one dude...who keeps me bisexual i guess. He is a good man, a really great guy, but....
Nah, i´m unsure.
44 days ago
Hi! For a while I thought I was Bisexual and I stopped trying to question it... this quiz helped me realize I don’t have to settle down I can question it as long as I want. I’ve realized the most likely thing is that I’m Lesbian, and I’ve decided to go with that for a while, But I’m not going to stop questioning it for a while now. I have plenty of time to find it for myself.Don’t Stop Wondering!
44 days ago
I think I’m lesbian but idk bc I think that some guys look nice but I don’t want to date them, I also want guys to want me and desire me but I don’t want to like them I think that is bc of comp het. But when I was little I used to have crushes on guys but only bc I forced my self to bc all the other girls in my class had crushes on boys!!!
45 days ago
ok so I believe im lesbian, but due to comphet im having a really hard time destinguishing if my "attraction" towards guy is more than asethetic. I know that i would date a girl, but there is that possibility that I would like a guy, and theoroeticly a relationship with a guy doesn't seem that bad, but i have never had a crush on a guy before. Also, just asking, but for other people is it also that guys seem like a block of wood, and that they seem so uncuddleable and huggable? cuz its like that for me.
45 days ago
Idk if I'm lesbian but just due to heteronormative and having obsessions (not romantic/sexual more platonic like I want them to be my friend and I wish they were my friend) with someone whenever they were nice to me or I forced myself to like a guy. Before I realized I was gay I never wanted a relationship with a guy but idk if I romantically like guys or not. LIke does biromantic lesbian exist? because I know I don't like guys sexually but I might romantically? Or is it only platonically. IDK AHHAH
50 days ago
So hopefully this helps some people out. Being a bisexual myself I used to have hard times where I didn't realize what I actually was attracted to. There are sometimes where love feels different. For example: You like a girl but it feels different when you like a guy. Hence the different gender kind of. Think of it as food in a way. Some days you like French fries and another your despise them and go for sushi. So basically, you do like both genders but when you do it just feels different and that's totally normal. 😄
50 days ago
i only have feelings for fictional or celeb men, i would never date a guy irl but i would date a girl
50 days ago
@Somebody, some bisexuals like girls more then guys, I was in that same spot as you before but if you don't like guys at all then lesbian is the way to go, or you can say bi and that you like girls more.
50 days ago
I'm confused on whether I'm a bisexual or lesbian. I've been trying to figure it out for well over a year now but never decided because I'm afraid I'd come out and be wrong. Would I want to date a girl? Yes. Definitely. Would I want to date a guy now that I realize I'm attracted to girls? Not so much. So could anyone give me some advice? :)
59 days ago
68 days ago
@little fish same here. does this mean i'm bi or lesbian? I am also only attracted to boys that i could never date (ie, fictional)
72 days ago
@little fish samee! What do I dooooooooooo
78 days ago
I need help, so im demisexual and demiromantic so i couldnt answer most of these questions with an honest answer— and i think the result is wring because i woukd probobly never date a boy but like maybe a girl if i know her good enough and maybe someone who falls under the nonbinary umbrella term (or is nonbinary) if i know them good enough. but like not boys well maybe but theres like only a 2% chance for me to ever like a guy.

sorry for the bad english i am german (and just woke up and am tiered af but i need to know)
83 days ago
Hi! I need help, I feel romantically and sexually attracted to girls, but only romantically attracted to boys, is this possible right? I still bisexual right? (I’m a girl)
Sorry for my bad English.