Am I Bisexual Or Lesbian?

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Are you questioning your sexuality or are you just making sure? Well, either way, I'm here to help. Just answer a few questions and ill tell what I think your sexuality is. Answers are not 100% correct. I'll just be doing this on what I know.

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    Let's start, shall we? I know you all hate this question but what do you think your sexuality is?

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2 days ago
hi i have never had a guy crush but i crush on almost every girl but i think i might like guys but i have never really liked a guy i think im pretending i have always said i was bi this quiz said i was a lesbian pls help fellow lgbtqia+
5 days ago
So, i take this test because i don't know if i'm just bi or lesbian. I coming out as bi to 3 of my closest friends and they didn't mind at all, they all suportive and stuff..
My problem is that i don't know if i'm pretending to like guys to probably have a chance to marry one of them in the future, if i'm doing, that's for my family. My mum is super supportive (even she doesn't know about me), but my grandparents and my dad...
I know that i like girls, i want to cuddle with a girl, i want to go on a date with a girl, i want to do things with a girl, i want to marry a girl...
I'm not even sure if i really like guys. I just don't want to marry a man, i want to do it with a woman. For me, marry someone than women is impossible. I don't even like men's body like i did before, i just don't like it...

Can someone help me ?..
I need answers and i can't get them by myself.
5 days ago
I got bisexual, I've ad two crushes (one a female, the other a male). One (female one) of my crushes is at a different school. The otherThe other (male one) is at my school. I hope they like me. Even though i can't see/chat with the female one I still like her. I also like this quiz! (even though I still question my sexuality) I'm just too scared to tell my family, so far I've told two of my friends, one of their reaction was "wat da HACK" the other said "and i support you". (i can't find the rest TnT there was other things that she said but i can't find the things TnT) I was really happy to see her support me! :> I still too scared to tell my family 😑. I'm too scared 😂 😑
24 days ago
Idk am i a lesbian or bisexual i used to only kinda like guys but now that i think about it maybe those weren't crushes so idk. I kinda think i have a crush on a girl but idk....right now i feel like idk how love or crushes feel like. So i think i like girls about 99% and guys only like 1 or 0,5% so idk does that make me bisexual or am i a lesbian cuz idk do lesbians like girls fully 100% soo yea idk...
29 days ago
i 'm Bisexual. I prefer women over men thoguh, I don't know if I can accept myself. Help. P!ease. Help.
32 days ago
Reply to Milla🏳️‍🌈, if anyone spread s hate to you, here what u need to remember: they probably don't really understand what bi is and as human beings are scared of new things, they are probably scared of something different. The thing is u are not responsible for their misunderstanding, and you can be whoever u wanna be with no fear of w hat people tnink. This is important for everybody to know
32 days ago
I'm les! I'm really happy but I fear I'm too young (9 yrs) to make a decision now. I really want to be lesbian and I think whatever LGBTQ+ (may I emphasise the +) gender you identify as you're awesome. To anyone having a hard time finding out to anyone, see if u have any ga y or l lesbian friends or family and talk to them. If u don't have anyone accepting in he family message a friend who u can trust or call or email a theraly/ childlike to talk to someone about what ur going through. Remember u aregreat. U are awesome. U are you
51 days ago
I'm lesbian but I'm to scared to tell my mom so anyone have idea?

52 days ago
I’m sad cuz I’m bi and I’ve been seeing hate on the internet about bisexuality saying there are more than 2 genders and erase the B in LGBTQ but I’m bi and wouldn’t mind someone who’s non-binary. 😪 the world is is weird af
61 days ago
I’ve taken so many quizzes and searched up so much stuff that every time I type the letter “a” it suggests “am I bisexual quiz” and “”
86 days ago
well I'm lesbian

i'm gonna come out to my parents now..
105 days ago
So im bi but i also like girls and would mch rather do romantic stuff with a girl then a boy, is like out of 4 people who i would go on a date with its like 3/4 girls but i still like boys so... idk. i have already come out. (i texted my mum)
117 days ago
I’m not sure if im bi or lesbian. If I am I’m not sure if my parents will accept me. My mom would be fine but I’m not sure about dad. And I’m not sure if my brother is homophobic or something. Always saying James Charlie is gay as if that’s a bad thing. I’m just not sure how everyone would react. If I’m sure will tell everyone when I’m older. I have literally not confidence now and if they don’t accept me confidence and happiness go down. Everyone in my family is straight too😣
118 days ago
bisexual but I'm scared if my parents are not going to accept me
125 days ago
To help what do u need help with coming out to your parents?
126 days ago
I wish I could but no I don't have a phone
127 days ago
Help plz plz....anyone plz
127 days ago
I'm bi and sacred bc I don't know how to tell everyone I know some ppl that will support me but not other ppl....
137 days ago
im bi. i cant believe it. its true!