Am I Bisexual Or Lesbian? The bi quiz

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Are you questioning your sexuality or are you just making sure? Well, either way, I'm here to help. Just answer a few questions and ill tell what I think your sexuality is. Answers are not 100% correct. I'll just be doing this on what I know.

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    Let's start, shall we? I know you all hate this question, but what do you think your sexuality is?

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49 days ago
Romantically I like guys and girls, but the other way (it won't let me say it 💀) I think I just like girls??? Like if someone shows me a picture of a so called hot guy, I feel absolutely nothing, and I don't think I'd ever y'know, "do the devil's tango" with a dude.
76 days ago
i kin all of you lmao
76 days ago
I'm glad that im a lesbian and I love women and proud of it
91 days ago
@ur fave werido YAS same girl boys and girls are hot for me but girls are a bit hotter? idk im gonna take the quiz and find out
114 days ago
I got lesbian, but I am still going to be questioning...well I know I truly love girls, but I am not sure if I even like boys do I really wanna date a guy? I don't know....
117 days ago
im a lesbian on the acespec imao
118 days ago
i knew i’m a lesbian but uk i just wanted to make it clear ;)
122 days ago
I think I’m les but maybe bi so I guess I’m queer!?
124 days ago
Ok idk if I'm pansexual or bisexual
130 days ago
look, im still in elementry school so i dont plan on having human reproduction any time soon
142 days ago
I think I'm Bi? No idea but I haven't liked a guy in like two years so I think I might be Lesbian
147 days ago
second questions kind of weird imo as an ace spec person ,,
164 days ago
I am a total lesbian and I think girls are sexy and i really want to kiss one for sure❤️
175 days ago
So yeah I'm lesbian. Girls are hot. I'm still waiting to kiss one 😗. Really want too, not going to force someone tho. 😂
191 days ago
So I’ve had 2 crushes on guys, both were in elementary school and were both short. As soon as I entered middle school I realised I was probably bi. I had a huge crush on this girl for about a year. Since then I have only ever liked girls and fall for them way harder then the two times I liked a guy. At first i thought I was bi with preference of girls but I feel more of a lesbian. At the same time I can’t see myself with a guy but I’m not sure I would mind dating a non binary. I’ve never had a crush on a non binary person and I’m definitely not pansexual. Please help me I’ve been a mess with this since middle school.
219 days ago
I can’t figure out if I’m bi or a lesbian

Like I’m definitely apart of the community but am I a lesbian or bi with a pref for women?
I find some men attractive but do i actually wanna date them?
You can find someone attractive but not actually wanna date them
Thinking about being in a relationship with one doesn’t feel quite right but thinking about being in a relationship with a woman makes me feel amazing

Ive been in a relationship with a man and Ive kissed one that’s the reason that makes me question this

Kissing a man was okay but kissing a woman was so exciting and amazing I felt so right
264 days ago
I'm biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
278 days ago
i honestly didn't know if i was bi or lesbian because when i said im bi, i only really thought about girls and even in a relationship with a boy, i still wanted to be with a girl instead, My test was that i was a lesbian and i wouldn't be suprised.
289 days ago
i have no idea if I’m bi or straight or lesbian- literally no clue, which is the worst. Everyone says I’m the straightest person in existence, and I can see myself with a boyfriend in the future, but idk if I’m that straight. My sister who’s lesbian insists I’m not straight. The thing is, I can never tell if I have had any real crushes or not since I’ve only had 3, and none were serious, and I can’t tell if I actually liked them or not. For context, two were boys and one was a girl. I genuinely believe I had no feelings (romantically) for the girl, but I don’t know about the boys. The thing is I feel like I could be bi but I’m sick of waiting for the realization of my sexuality to “just come with time.” Sorry for writing such a jumbled mess, but can someone please just guide me in any direction?
Something I should add: I think pretty much all girls are pretty, but the only boys I think are cute are… none.
303 days ago

Thank you so much for the advise, it helped so much! ❤

I was able to find out that I only like him as a friend, but I just find his presence comforting to me. Again, thank you so much.