Am I Bisexual Or Lesbian? The bi quiz

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Are you questioning your sexuality or are you just making sure? Well, either way, I'm here to help. Just answer a few questions and ill tell what I think your sexuality is. Answers are not 100% correct. I'll just be doing this on what I know.

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    Let's start, shall we? I know you all hate this question but what do you think your sexuality is?

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10 days ago
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19 days ago
(gave not game.)
19 days ago
This just game me more proof that im bi (yay)
25 days ago
I thought I was straight then a girl in my class came I kinda liked her then took this quiz and found out I was lesbian when I thought I was straight this whole time but I made friends with the girl but never told her I liked her I don’t know when to tell her. :(
39 days ago
I think you love your guy friend, but only platonic.
Is he someone who's really important to you? If yes, it's very normal that you like his smell or that you would like it if he hugged you or kissed you on the forehead. These kind of things give us a sense of comfort and security if it comes from a person we love, romantic or platonic.

In short, I think you're romantically attracted to you girl friend, especially if you wanna date her, which would mean you're a lesbian, and you love your guy friend dearly, but only as a very good friend!

I hope I could help you a bit :)
42 days ago
Im asking for some help (please dont judge)

My guy friend gave me his shirt and for some reason I love the smell of it, but I have a crush on my girl best friend. I think he (my guy friend) is cute and I would like it if he gave me a hug or something, or if he gave me a kiss on the forehead, but thats about it. I wouldnt want to date him. I would like to date my girl crush. So do y'all think I'm lesbian or Bi? Any advice helps
44 days ago
so im here in the comments hi anyway i'm young 13 to be exact eney way this is my discovery story on coming out i guess so at the time i started having felling for girl i was 10 so i said to my mom i like girls and she shook it of and pretty much said it was a phase now keep in mind i don't have any cruches on boys never dated one so i was like yeah its just a phase 1 year later i was a little older so i was thinking maybe i like girls so i was like when i was younger i didnt say i didnt like girls so i guees ive liked girls for to years i waited a month to make sure and i said to my parents family meating they sat in chairs and i held a flag up behing them it was the lgbtq flag and they were in blind folds so i said turn around take them of .good story now im disoned and im in custody ove my granparents school is terrible my grand parents hate me more then my parents cause there really christian but where here and im bullied every day of my life at home and school and you might be like how do you have a computer im soposed to be studying right now so um dont come out until you know you have a nice backup family willing to adopt you oh and i have a secret girlfreing so thats fun gosh my life is terrible and my girlfreind just broke up whith me over text while i was writing life is terrible but im being my self so that good love yourself and dont feel bad about my story live maybe n one will exept you but you got me thats pretty good i guees
74 days ago
My crazy queer story,
I thought I was straight, liked this one guy then really liked this other guy, almost dated the second guy but someone felt wrong. Then I watched Glee. Had a crush on both Brittany and Santana. Thought I was bi. Two years later I now have a huge crush on a girl in my grade and have liked her for months. Kinda hate boys. Now I think I’m a lesbian. Help me.

P.S. if you were to ever be on here Matilde. I love you.
115 days ago
181 days ago
I am legit in the same situation. Not even kinda. However, if it helps, there is a think call trixc. It is a sexualality for people who are not fully male or female being attracted to other people who are either girls or not fully men. Hope that helps!!
Tbh I don't know how to help you figure out if that is the label you might want to use though. That's a struggle for me even, bc idk if I am bi or trixic. Wish you luck though!!!
181 days ago
I could never imagine DOING IT with a guy, and I am not sure of I could imagine romantically liking a guy even... Non binary? Sure! Girls? H€ll yeah! Masc Aligned nobinary? Yeah why not! But guys? Eh.. I dunno? Help?? Pls??????
185 days ago
great quiz! I think i was just questioning because it is extremely rare that im attracted to men and the men society seems to think are hot aren’t to me. I deffinitly am bisexual though because i still have some attraction to guys and wouldn’t be opposed to dating them. I still have a preference for girls but i still have the attraction to both
189 days ago
i dont like that it asks who i want to have💝with cause i dont want either. I am asexual but still experience romantic attraction and am trying to figure that out. I dont know how to answer cause both genitallia disgust me.
196 days ago
I think I am like 95% Bi and 5% lesbian, I don't want to tell my parents this. I am still only in middle school. Can someone pls help me.
207 days ago
So im genderfluid, so i cant be lesbian right? Cuz lesbian means non men loving non men, but sometimes i am a man so i cant be a lesbian, but i think i am bi and biromantic, is that possible? Because i like men in an cute way, like 'aww lets cuddle, and lets kiss here and there', but i dont enat to sleep with them, wich brings me back to biromantic, but im still bisexual so can i be both? Can some help pls?
207 days ago
hey @You are great :) trust me you are never to young to know our own sexuality,maybe in a few years you realise 'huh i like men' but for now you should trust your instinct
221 days ago
I’m so confused, I like girls no matter the circumstance but the only thing i ever even consider liking about guys is incredibly unrealistic expectations. idk what it means
249 days ago
I'm a lesbian but for a while I thought I was bi or something because of anime boys🥱

thanks for coming to my ted talk
269 days ago
281 days ago
i don't like this quiz because i would never date my friends. so i answered no on those and maybe for both and it told me i'm bi