Bisexual Quiz Turn On?

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I am a Homosexual-Leaning Bisexual. This quiz is for people who are questioning their identity and is not gender-specific. Boys and girls, Come On In!
I hope that you know, this quiz is not 100% accurate, and that... you are amazing. if you are still in the closet, that's okay. You be you and come out when you are ready.

  • 1
    Do you prefer...
  • 2
    If you were going on a date, and the boy at the table next to you invited you to "play" with him, what would you say?

    meant for boys and girls
  • 3
    Okay, imagine you and your crush were playing uno together, then your dad/mom/parent-figure came over and was like "Is this the girl/boy you have been talking about?" Your response is...

  • 4
    Would you ever want to marry the same sex, or had thoughts about marrying the same sex?
  • 5
    Imagine this: you are going shopping, when a cute girl glances your way. You duck your head, the portrait of shyness, and she looks shy too, but then she gives you a secret, malicious, delicious smile. You...
  • 6
    Okay. You passed those tests. I am sorry to the innocents. This one is a little kinky...... please skip if younger than 13.

    Your friend invites you to go clubbing with her/him.
    then you find out that to go in, you have to go naked...... You...

  • 7
    YAY! We are officially out of the kinky section!
    Now, the big LGBTQIA question.

    Do you like rainbows?
  • 8
    Do you prefer somebody who is...
  • 9
    I am Bisexual, but what do you feel like?
  • 10
    Which color do you love most?

  • 11
    What type of genre do you like most?

Comments (22)


124 days ago
"Me and crush sit on living room couch"
"Mom walks in"
Mom:Is this the girl you've been talking about?
Me:Hey mom meet my future wife!
Mom:"says to my crush exuse me I need a moment with my son."
156 days ago
This motherfricking person said that I was pan I AM FRICKING SRAGHT AF THIS PERSON DOESN'T KNOW A GOD DARN THING TO SAVE THEIR FRICKING LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
287 days ago
im so confused transgender? that has nothing to do with sexuality plus im a cis girl
339 days ago
For some reason it thinks that I am pansexual. Even though I do consider what people look on the outside for dating
405 days ago
Interesting quiz - I got trans, but I'm straight. As the person below me stated, even though I'm not lgbtq - and wouldn't personally want to be, that doesn't mean I totally hate lgbtq! I'm neutral towards it. People make their own choices, and I respect that. (hopefully none of this sounded rude!)
422 days ago
I don't like how it assumes non- lgbtqs are ANTI-lgbtq. I'm nutrel towards them. Thay are people, like me, and as long as they aren't shoving it down my throat, that can do whatever they want. I'm straight, and on some of the questions, particularly one, I had to say, EWW! I'M NOT GAY! But I could have said I'm straight instead of EWW! because that is rude and not like me. Please fix that.
523 days ago
i got transgender...
im bi and a cis male.
i love transgender people they are wonderful members of the lgbtqa community but i am not one of them.
i was born a male and identity as one.
562 days ago
I got transgender? 👮? That has nothing to do with sexuality. I'm a proud bisexual, cis women, and while fully support trans people, I'm not one. This quiz is weird.
567 days ago
????? Transgender has nothing to do with sexuality. NOTHING. The quiz asked nothing about gender. This is insane.
611 days ago
I am not transgender why would they think that I answered the obvious bisexual answers toeverything???????
689 days ago
this is just bull🕊. being trangender has nothing to do with someone's sexuality. someone can be transgender and bisexual at the same time. and what type of genre do i lik most? it also doesn't have any relation with someone's sexuality.
713 days ago
Why did you say I’m trans... I’m a cis girl 😂
749 days ago
Good guess, test. You did well.
749 days ago
Even though I put blue as my favorite color, my favorite color is pink and the rainbow ig...
778 days ago
im bi but says im lesbian i-
783 days ago
but i'm not really pansexual, i mean, guess you can't choose who you fall in love with, but i do care for physical attraction, gotta admit... this was enlightening but in the opposite way lol
784 days ago
So apparently I'm transgender....when I'm actually bisexual....🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
785 days ago
Lol congrates!
785 days ago
Oh 💑 I’m 💑 gay ok
786 days ago
No. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢