Are You Gay?
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Are You Gay?

Have you ever just been sitting around, when all of the sudden it hits you. “I wonder if I am GAY?” Or maybe you think you know your sexuality and you are wrong, or maybe you just want validation. Whatever your reasons, take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:   Dolice and Gabbana is:
An Eating Establishment
An Investment Firm
A Band
A Fashion House
An Italian Film

Question 2:   Puce is:
A hue in the green family
A kind of juice
A country in Eastern Europe

Question 3:   Moet and Chandon is:
A Clothing Company
A Brand of Champagne
An Airline
A Famous Drag Queen Act

Question 4:   Which of the following publications do you read the most:
The New Yorker
I Don’t really read much
Sports Illustrated

Question 5:   You have or would (be honest, no one is watching!)
Never done anything with a guy, and never will.
Gotten head from a guy (on one or more occasions), but not given head or had any form of anal sex with a guy.
Given a guy head (also possible gotten head from a guy) but not participated in any anal activities.
Had sex with a guy, but only as a top (the one putting the penis inside the other person), and would not kiss a guy or go down on one.
Had full out sex with a guy, kissing, oral, anal, and all the other good stuff.

Question 6:   When masturbating you fantasize about:
One other person, always a woman.
Many other people, some men some women, lots of sex.
One other person, sometimes a woman other times a man.
One other person, always a man.

Question 7:   When it comes to sports you prefer to:
Watch figure skating, ballet, and synchronized swimming.
Watch tennis, soccer, and rugby.
Watch football, basketball, and baseball.
Watch Will & Grace.

Question 8:   Of the following movies your favorite is:
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Gone With the Wind
Finding Nimo
Fight Club

Question 9:   The MOST important political issue in society today is:
Civil Rights
Gun Legislation

Question 10:   Camper is:
A shoe company from Morocco.
A thing you attach to your truck on the weekend.
One of those people who sleep in the wilderness.
Someone who watches John Waters films.

Question 11:   Your favorite alcoholic drink is:
Dry Grey Goos Martini with 3 Olives
Wine Coolers
Anything that gets you a buzz

Question 12:   Your dancing skills are:
Nothing special, but I can move if I have to.
The dance flows through me, swing, ballroom, tech, rap, I groove to it all.
I don’t dance, I hate it.
I love to dance, even if I am not good at it at all.

Question 13:   When it comes to your friends, they are:
Almost all straight males.
An even mix of straight women and men.
Mostly Women.
A lot of homosexuals.
An even mix of straight and homosexual men and women.

Question 14:   You identify yourself as:
Straight, but confident enough to have gay friends
Straight, but confident enough to let a guy get you off

Question 15:   As far as music you like:
Bjork or Phish
Spice Girls
George Straight
Static X

This Quiz has been designed by Jacob L. Mayfield.