Are You Gay?
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Are You Gay?

Find out if you are queer from a real queer!

Question 1:   How do you feel around the opposite sex in romantic situations?
I feel really uncomfortable
I feel really excited.
I feel a little odd but I feel ok.

Question 2:   You see a very stunning person of the same sex. How do you react as they walk by?
He/She is walking around alone WHY? I'll change that.
Um, yea, cool.

Question 3:   When you're alone. What is usually on your mind?
Did I remember to tip the waiter?
Hmm, the guy/girl at the store looked pretty good.
I sure did check out that guys/girls bootya at work!

Question 4:   Your reading material consists of:
Harry Potter

Question 5:   Where are your sensual weak spots?
I don't have weak spots.

Question 6:   Drama to you is:
Needed now and then.
Needed all the time for it to be interesting!

Question 7:   How is your family life?
Great, my parents rock!
Bad...they just don't understand.
Eh, half and half.

Question 8:   How do you feel about love?
Something I really want.
Really stupid.
I don't care about love.

Question 9:   Are you single?
Kinda sorta.

Question 10:   Do you like it that way?
What part of I don't care are we not getting?

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