The Gay Test

You are here because you're wondering whether or not you're gay. (Or if you're here to troll people with these worries, please choose another test.) Hopefully my test can help. Answer all my questions honestly, or you might get an inaccurate result and be no better off than before.

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    You think you are:
    You think you are:

Comments (14)


665 days ago
With the “friend is gay” question why is there no option to marry him lol
783 days ago
In the third questions thare is no I haven't had a girlfriend option.
863 days ago
what? I'm... straight?
968 days ago
Gay and love being gay
1001 days ago
1087 days ago
37 % gay 37 % straight what about the other 26% plus im bi not gay or straight
1166 days ago
Every time I take one of these test the result are the Same it said 60 % of us are gay they always tell me I am gay
1378 days ago
I agree with that entirely 😊
1464 days ago
Looks like I'm gay, fine with me.
1500 days ago
2nd question none of them
1562 days ago
I'm gay boy. It's honestly alright with me, I was bi anyways
1579 days ago
So wanted it to be gay not bisexual
1804 days ago
i am the most gay person ever
1825 days ago
Can't answer some of question and be honest because I'm not old enough to go to bar and don't have many wy would I shave them?