Find Out Your GQ Now! (Gayness Quotient!)

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You've heard of IQ and probably EQ - but what about GQ? No, it's not just a men's lifestyle's your gayness quotient! To quantify how much gayness pumps through your blood, take this test now. Are you a complete flamer? A purely straight person? Or somewhere in-between? Answer these 25 questions honestly, and soon you'll have an accurate GQ result somewhere between 0 to 500!

  • 1
    When you meet someone, what do you notice first?
    When you meet someone, what do you notice first?
  • 2
    You answer the phone by saying:
  • 3
    When you have free time, you:

  • 4
    The last time you were at a party, you:
  • 5
    Members of the opposite sex generally think of you as:
  • 6
    Your drink of choice?

  • 7
    If you had one day left to live, you would:
  • 8
    When alone, you:
  • 9
    For "protection" you would use:
  • 10
    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  • 11
    If you were asked to watch a baby for a day, you would:
  • 12
    Which are coolest?
  • 13
    Just between you and me, your favorite movie below is:
  • 14
    Which quote below most pertains to you?
  • 15
    You can beat Guitar Hero on:
  • 16
    You listen to:

  • 17
    When asked about your wardrobe, you say:
  • 18
    When I say "queer," you say?
    When I say "queer," you say?
  • 19
    The best way to get someone to like you:
  • 20
    Pick a number below. Don't pick the wrong one.

  • 21
    The first thing you do in the morning is:
  • 22
    Your comeback is usually:
  • 23
    Your internet connection is:
  • 24
    When you close your eyes, you see:
  • 25
    This is the last question. If you could do whatever you wanted, right now, you would:

Comments (46)


3 days ago
me knowing what i am: "youre bisexual" w h a t
9 days ago
2 0 1 t o 3 0 0 ? i’m offended-

*non-binary aromantic acespike multisexual demiqueerplatonic ambiamorous noises*
16 days ago
Wait I'm bisexual.... whatever I liked it anyway,my fav YouTuber is also BI
18 days ago
Honestly, I did need the validation of 201/300. Like I was beating myself up about being suuuuuoer into men and like 2 percent into women and then those women being mad presenting women. And I never feel comfy to talk about it bc I am so privileged to be "straight." Wow. Why was this test actually accurate TF???
24 days ago
((big)OH MY GODS WHY IN HADES NAME DIDNT I GET GAY AS FU*K??? I AM A RAGING LESBIAN AND HAVE NOT IN 16 YEARS HAD A GUY CRUSH LMAOOOO!!!ok sry for yelling but I’m still kinda pis*ed I didn’t get gay af
24 days ago
Number 5... umm no one even remotely knows who I am lmaooo
40 days ago
i think im straight LMAO idk i have a gay personality but im into men which means im straight sooo... i got 201 of 200, meaning im bisexual leaning towards straight. half accurate. i reckon im 9% gay and 91% straight
43 days ago
Bruh i tough i was fully gay tho 😔 sed times 👯‍♂️
56 days ago
201 to 300? bruh i'm a nonbinary multiromantic androsexal who listens to girl in red we pretty gay over here
56 days ago
What I'm a trans fem and it says I'm bi leaning towards straight
61 days ago
I also have a non binary... lover?
So I think I am quite gay ÙwÚ
61 days ago
I got 101 out of 200-a bit gay
I mean...I'm an Omnisexual girl and have had a girlfriend so --
63 days ago
Im bi tho so I am not gay but part of the lgtbq
64 days ago
It said I was no leaning towards straight when I’m the gayest bich here
77 days ago
wot is dis bs it says im bi leaning towards straight when im gay af
77 days ago
Why are you kids all gay? Youre like twelve, grow up then decide
82 days ago
I wish I was gay. I’m straight/bisexual
86 days ago
im half gay (makes sense, im pan)
101 days ago
im gay da ba dee da ba da! :)
120 days ago
sans undertale visited me and gave me some of his gay, i am litteraly shaking rn.