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The 100% Accurate Gay Test

Yay or nay, are you gay? Whether you're just curious or are seriously wondering, you can find out now by taking this highly accurate test. Don't put off finding out your true sexuality any longer. Knowing can make the difference between being in limbo and living your best life!

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    Don't overthink, just answer from the heart:

    Are you gay?
    Don't overthink, just answer from the heart: Are you gay?

Comments (110)


2 hours ago
I got 60% gay think I'm gonna try and get it to 100% men are much better in bed than women lol
18 days ago
I'm confused why you say yay you don't have to be ashamed of being gay
72 days ago
yes i got 90 im not gay
122 days ago
I’m 80 percent straight lets goooooo
149 days ago
glad to be gay lets get movin
153 days ago
It says I am 80% gay. I am happy.
154 days ago
I got 100% gay!!!!!!
173 days ago
ugh omg ure right i did know it but i hate it. if my family finds out they’re gonna hate me which 🐤because i love them and they love me too because i’m their perfect golden child but once they find out i won’t be anymore it 🐤omfg i want to be straight so badly
179 days ago
Yes! It says that I am 100 percent homosexual.
182 days ago
Yay 100% gay🥳🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
183 days ago
Just realized this quiz was for guys
183 days ago
I like ♀️ but the things that I was straight even though I'm pretty gay
184 days ago
Hey babes im gay
198 days ago
well this 🕊even though ive been gay since i was 11
203 days ago
I am 100% straight hell year all ways know
214 days ago
i am 100 percent nstraight thank god
218 days ago
Help her blog go viral!
220 days ago
My ace👮when the👮questions come
220 days ago
ofc 100% straight, who tf supports aids
225 days ago
70% straight. So I'm bisexual, leaning towards heterosexuality?