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Am I Gay? (For Boys Ages 12 -16)

This quiz aims to determine whether you are gay, bi, or straight. If you think the result is wrong, you are right - the test can't be 100 percent right for everyone. Sexuality is a totally subjective thing that only you can really know, but this will hopefully get you thinking. Answer completely honestly or your result will definitely be wrong!

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    First off, what do you think you are?
    First off, what do you think you are?

Comments (84)


82 days ago
I'm not gay, I just like feminine lookin boys
198 days ago
I knew i was gay like, before i was 10
339 days ago
I got bi but I know I am more gay I know since I was 9 to ten
367 days ago
Yup I’m gay haha I love it
380 days ago
I got gay even though im 97% sure im heterosexual. Just wanna say that I fully support anyone who Is gay, bi or anything else so please dont kill me.
450 days ago
I'm 33% gay 33% bi do that means I'm 34% straight
I'm bi-curious so makes sense
465 days ago
I'm gay yay
1132 days ago
For 42% I’m gay & for the other 42% I’m bisexual!
1134 days ago
I’m gay! I knew I was, but I had to make sure. I’m kind of happy! :)
1143 days ago
I got gay, idk how I feel.
1154 days ago
ew I’m not gay
1161 days ago
I feel I am mor than 33% coz I have had 2 boyfriends👬👬
1162 days ago
Omg so frikin happy I'm bi but pretty sure I'm gay. Hopefully I don't need to ask questions...
1165 days ago
thank god i am not a gay i am stright hell yeah i am going 2 the bar and pick up a chick
and i got 80% stright
1170 days ago
I’m gay and I like it this way
1186 days ago
I got 62% bi but I think I’m more gay
1195 days ago
I got gay so look out world heres a new gay boy😘
1204 days ago
I Got 42% Gay
1209 days ago
I have no idea why I took this test because I know I'm bi and this test won't effect me in the slightest If you already know why the hell are you here...
1210 days ago
I got 50% gay 😜, and I came out. Turns out a guy I liked likes me now 😅, so I'm considering going out with him . Go LGBQT😆!!