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Am I Gay? (Quiz For Teenage Boys)

You think you might be attracted to guys?
Maybe you like girls, too, but there is something about this one guy that gets you thinking?

This quiz aims to determine whether you are gay, bi, or straight. If you think the result is wrong, you are right - the test can't be 100 percent right for everyone. Sexuality is a totally subjective thing that only you can really know, but this will hopefully get you thinking.

Answer the questions honestly and instinctively for the most accurate result!

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    First off, What makes you wonder if you're gay?
    First off, What makes you wonder if you're gay?

Comments (89)


132 days ago
I'm 90% sure I'm gay but I only got 50% bisexual on the quiz
180 days ago
im straight and proud
421 days ago
i'm bi also i need someone to talk to
629 days ago
why am i here im les lmfao
641 days ago
Hey everyone from taking this quiz I got 50% on this quiz
747 days ago
I'm not gay, I just like feminine lookin boys
863 days ago
I knew i was gay like, before i was 10
1004 days ago
I got bi but I know I am more gay I know since I was 9 to ten
1032 days ago
Yup I’m gay haha I love it
1045 days ago
I got gay even though im 97% sure im heterosexual. Just wanna say that I fully support anyone who Is gay, bi or anything else so please dont kill me.
1115 days ago
I'm 33% gay 33% bi do that means I'm 34% straight
I'm bi-curious so makes sense
1130 days ago
I'm gay yay
1797 days ago
For 42% I’m gay & for the other 42% I’m bisexual!
1799 days ago
I’m gay! I knew I was, but I had to make sure. I’m kind of happy! :)
1808 days ago
I got gay, idk how I feel.
1819 days ago
ew I’m not gay
1826 days ago
I feel I am mor than 33% coz I have had 2 boyfriends👬👬
1827 days ago
Omg so frikin happy I'm bi but pretty sure I'm gay. Hopefully I don't need to ask questions...
1830 days ago
thank god i am not a gay i am stright hell yeah i am going 2 the bar and pick up a chick
and i got 80% stright
1835 days ago
I’m gay and I like it this way