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Am I Gay? (Quiz For Teenage Boys)

You think you might be attracted to guys?
Maybe you like girls, too, but there is something about this one guy that gets you thinking?

This quiz aims to determine whether you are gay, bi, or straight. If you think the result is wrong, you are right - the test can't be 100 percent right for everyone. Sexuality is a totally subjective thing that only you can really know, but this will hopefully get you thinking.

Answer the questions honestly and instinctively for the most accurate result!

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    First off, What makes you wonder if you're gay?
    First off, What makes you wonder if you're gay?

Comments (89)


1969 days ago
I got 62% bi but I think I’m more gay
1978 days ago
I got gay so look out world heres a new gay boy😘
1987 days ago
I Got 42% Gay
1992 days ago
I have no idea why I took this test because I know I'm bi and this test won't effect me in the slightest If you already know why the hell are you here...
1993 days ago
I got 50% gay 😜, and I came out. Turns out a guy I liked likes me now 😅, so I'm considering going out with him . Go LGBQT😆!!
1993 days ago
I'm confused now cause I just took it again and it said I was 42% gay but last time I got 25% homo and 75% bi 🤔
1994 days ago
I’m sick and tired of my family values world-view not matching my sexuality. You know what, screw it, I’m marrying a woman and reproducing with a female anyways. The flow of blood to a certain area of my body does not dictate my life, and neither should it for anyone else!!
1994 days ago
I got bi, and I came out 😁, and it turns out a boy that I like likes me too! It felt really good to come out cause now I'm in a relationship.
1999 days ago
Im 30%Bi but i could never come out😝smh
2000 days ago
I’m gay and only my mom knows
2003 days ago
92% gay but i’m 100% gay 😜
2006 days ago
I am gay and can’t tell my family
2010 days ago
I’m bi. I’m not sure how to come out to my family, I wish I had someone to talk to.
2021 days ago
It says i'm 42% gay but i don't know what to say. I used to be attracted to girls but I changed
2049 days ago
Hey, Um, I got bi even though I feel strongly as if I'm gay. Am I in denial, arrogant, or just following what I feel like?

I dunno..... Also, most of my mates are girls, is that what's trippings my awnsers up?!
2050 days ago
ik i'm queer. why did i take this test?
2050 days ago
IM GAY!!! I already knew that XD
2065 days ago
I got 33% but im not staright I'm gay .
2076 days ago
My music style is very very... lets just say its different from my other friends let’s just leave it at that
2077 days ago
I got 58%,and I'm gay,single and no one knows I'm gay.