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Am I Gay? (Quiz For Teenage Boys)

You think you might be attracted to guys?
Maybe you like girls, too, but there is something about this one guy that gets you thinking?

This quiz aims to determine whether you are gay, bi, or straight. If you think the result is wrong, you are right - the test can't be 100 percent right for everyone. Sexuality is a totally subjective thing that only you can really know, but this will hopefully get you thinking.

Answer the questions honestly and instinctively for the most accurate result!

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    First off, What makes you wonder if you're gay?
    First off, What makes you wonder if you're gay?

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2388 days ago
For all the kids under 15 this test is most likely not accurate because yiu havehaven't fully matured, so don't go telling your parents you're gay. I know I'm gay and I've "done it" a few times but the test says I'm bi.and you also should not be trying to get into a relationship in highschool nonetheless before HS unless you get into an actual relationship. Just because the test says you're gay doesn't mean you have to go around trying to point out that you're gay, just be yourself.

- sincerely Ethan
2394 days ago
Carter if you read this here is my advice. If there is a god who you believe in think about this. Do you think they would mind? And is it worth following a God who doesn't let you be yourself?
Please take those things into acount and also remember this. By 2028 gay marriage is predicted to be legal in %94 of countries. Like you I am 12 and know how difficult it is to talk to your parents about even small stuff. Hope everything goes well for you.

2404 days ago
I want to kiss a guy.
2404 days ago
It said I am 83% and I am PROUD! But I am so SCARED TO TELL MY PARENTS!
2414 days ago
anyone wanna to friendship
2421 days ago
I am 12 and I am bisexual and want a partner so what should i do
2437 days ago
Also I'm a Christian! I go to church! I luv church
But if I'm gay then what if I can't go to Heaven
Please someone talk to me
2437 days ago
It said I'm gay but when I didn't know I fake told
some family and friends and it turned out horribly
So if I come out now to everyone I wouldn't be
Able to stand it! I'm only 11 i will be 12 this May
Please I need someone to talk to
2440 days ago
I'm straight but I'm kinda into boys.
2452 days ago
What should i do i am 12 and want to kiss a Boy
2466 days ago
It says im gay and i knew it, now my problem is how do i tell my family/friends without loosing their love , im 12 years old and I want my first kiss to be with a boy...and i dont even know any resources for gay dating my age
2492 days ago
It say I'm gay or bisexual and I have been wonder for a while if I'm gay.I go to church and I don't know what to do.Should I tell people or just see what happens.
2538 days ago
it says im straight thank JESOOS
2547 days ago
I'm 14 and this says I'm bi (I think I'm bi but more gay) and I don't know actually what to do?
2566 days ago
I am 14 and Gay and Joey I will be your boyfriend
2588 days ago
I'm bi and never had action with a boy and would want that I'm 15
2604 days ago
I'm 12 and I wanted to see if this is true, and I was told I'm gay... I have a HUGE crush on a girl
2609 days ago
How do I meet a Gay partner my age I'm 11 and I want to kiss my first boy
2618 days ago
I'm 15 and I'm sure I'm gay
2625 days ago
I am a gay and I want a gay partner