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Am I Gay? (Quiz For Teenage Boys)

You think you might be attracted to guys?
Maybe you like girls, too, but there is something about this one guy that gets you thinking?

This quiz aims to determine whether you are gay, bi, or straight. If you think the result is wrong, you are right - the test can't be 100 percent right for everyone. Sexuality is a totally subjective thing that only you can really know, but this will hopefully get you thinking.

Answer the questions honestly and instinctively for the most accurate result!

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    First off, What makes you wonder if you're gay?
    First off, What makes you wonder if you're gay?

Comments (89)


2617 days ago
I got gay as a result.
2631 days ago
@Landen I'm bi. It depends, what are ure parents like
2690 days ago
I'm bi. But I'm not sure. I got attracted to a boy in class one day and I can't shake it off. I dunno...
2692 days ago
i am a gay and proud
2702 days ago
It's say my bisexual­čś« What do I tell my parents­čśş
2715 days ago
It's says I'm 83% gay... I'm as straight as a rainbow
2745 days ago
Dam Im gay cool I guess
2798 days ago
the page timer starts going down to 2 seconds before the question comes up and the it goes away to the next question. so I only answered 2 questions, and Im a fast reader. so you need to fix it.
2850 days ago
Change the time in order to answer the question, as 10 seconds is insane.