Gay Test For Guys

Are you confused about your sexual orientation? Welcome to the club! It's far from unusual to feel this way and to wonder about this gender identity stuff. Take my test now - there's a good chance it will help you figure things out by focusing on the most important indicators.

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    Are you a guy?

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l feel like everyone came here with an answer already
2 days ago
5 days ago
make one for the perficket gay match test
8 days ago
I'm officially bisexual
11 days ago
Ready to know your gender identity? you are straight. OR this is what the test says you are. Only you can know for certain. So get out there and get some chicks! By the way, women don't like to be called chicks, so keep this word safely in convos with the bros, OK? If all this sounds about right to you, don't worry - you're straight.

Yea, it says this, but I'm a girl and I took it-

(And I'm bi so it's wrong)
26 days ago
Figured as much, I wouldn’t ever want to become gay 😅
46 days ago
Without a doubt I am so gay
51 days ago
i want to meet with a hot guy nowww
52 days ago
:3 This test was frustrating... To say the least. It was all about sex, no romance at all.
62 days ago
I tested bi iam so excited can't wait to meet a hot guy
64 days ago
I literally said that I’d 💋 a guy and got straight
69 days ago
I am so bisexual....girls are great...but guys are a super hot turn on too...come help me
81 days ago
Hi. Could you please not label specific 🐬 as male of female as neither are inherantly male or female.
93 days ago
I am girl and took the test for fun and it says I am straight so I am a lesbian? Hell yeah
103 days ago
The more I read this read this the more I'm thinking about becoming Bi, sounds like more fun and a awesome idea... Now I want to start looking... Where do I find these Guys. Big Smiles 😊
103 days ago
I like/love women better but I want to crawl in bed with a guy one of these days for some hot fun....
114 days ago
sometime like guys
126 days ago
It’s a bit annoying that some of the questions had no middle ground
126 days ago
I tested Bi ... I really can't express my feelings in the middle east or any arabic country... i WANT TO ..but i can't!
136 days ago
my fav colour red