Gay Test (male only): The truth awaits, men!

Are you confused about your sexual orientation? Welcome to the club! It's far from unusual to feel this way and to wonder about this gender identity stuff. Take my test now - there's a good chance it will help you figure things out by focusing on the most important indicators.

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    Are you a guy?

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9 days ago
i have aids is there an i have aids test
9 days ago
I am so gay and this test got it right... GAY and so proud to be too!
12 days ago
So I’m gay I guess that’s the reality that I must accept. I thought I was bi or bi-curious but I guess I was fooling myself. Well it’s time to start acting like it. Thank you
13 days ago
Uhm am bi i guess but I got uncomfortable with some questions
29 days ago
I am GAY... no surprise there!
32 days ago
this was really weird to do, considering the fact that I'm a trans man lmao. "are you circumsised " uhhmm??????
55 days ago
ok but so why did it say that my "gender identity" was straight? like 🚔 no my sexuality is queer, my gender identity is agender
82 days ago
One question: why am I doing this quiz, I know I'm gay. And better question: why does it tell me I'm bi?
94 days ago
95 days ago
“Are you a guy” *trans panic*
106 days ago
litterly same-
107 days ago
all these questions are basically just about 🌻 anyways... i thought i was straight and only into women and then i realized maybe im bisexual, now i just have no idea because im starting to think i dont even find women attractive but maybe the only reason i find men attractive is because i want to look more like the ones i find attractive? i dont know but even though im a teenager I'm just not interested in🌻with anyone of any gender and i just have no idea i kind of like being single tbh but i want to know my sexuality. maybe i dont like guys aghh but i dont think i like girls. maybe im aro? idfk
112 days ago
says im bi but still not sure
122 days ago
PLEASE MY ANSWERS WERE SO GAY AND I GOT BISEXUAL????? I’m not attracted to girls whatsoever
131 days ago
i got bi but im still so confused....

i dont really like girls in a sexual way but i do like guys in that way. could i be gay? am i biromantic? i guess i would still be willing to go out with a girl but im not sure if i would have💗with her.....
144 days ago
First off, im a girl and i got straight so this means im a lesbian lmao
148 days ago
Hi! if you need help talk to me! :)
149 days ago
Are you a guy? *Confused transmasc panic*
150 days ago
😘 i got bi but like 10 other tests show me as gay i am confused.
155 days ago
when it asked „are you a guy“ I didnt know what to answer because im transmasc but i might be faking it but idk-