Gay Test (male only): The truth awaits, men!

Are you confused about your sexual orientation? Welcome to the club! It's far from unusual to feel this way and to wonder about this gender identity stuff. Take my test now - there's a good chance it will help you figure things out by focusing on the most important indicators.

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    Are you a guy?

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942 days ago
I always had an idea I was gay now I know. Yuppie! Especially love to wear leather
948 days ago
All the comments with “jump him/her” I could only think of someone stealing there stuff...
Then I realised they we’re only stealing there innocents..
950 days ago
ALways gonna be straight, I’m a Christian, gotta follow God
964 days ago
Gay all day 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
966 days ago
I'm even gayer than before I think I'm going to tell my boy crush and continue to be a queen
967 days ago
Yep gay and I'm proud😘
968 days ago
Yeah I be gay. Guys be pretty. Also why tf these questions so nasty
968 days ago
Ye I be gay. Guys be pretty. Also these questions be nasty lmao
1006 days ago
Queer for life 🍭💖🥰
1062 days ago
wow, that was an awesome quiz. i hope it happens like that
1069 days ago
Wow. I am now gayer than before I took test. I am going to rush to my buddies house and announce that I only interested in other dudes. I am going to make the first move. I am gay now and wish to continue life as a queen man.
1096 days ago
Yay I’m gay I’m happy. And I like waffle cones haha
2389 days ago
i think i won guys or maybe i lost idk plz help me eat me i am a waffle cone
2470 days ago
This guy perverted on steroids
2505 days ago
Questions extremely biased..