Should I Come Out To My Parents? Quiz

This test is to help people decide whether it's the right time to come out as gay, lesbian, bi, pan, trans, etc., to their parents. If you've been wondering if you should (and I think that's probably why you're looking at this quiz), test yourself and find out! And good luck, whatever you ultimately decide to do.

  • 1
    When gay marriage was legalized in the U.S., your parent(s):
  • 2
    Is your parents' religion against homosexuality, transgenders, etc?
  • 3
    Let's say you have a friend named Sam who is queer/trans. You're going to go to a party where Sam will also be and need your parent(s) permission to go. When you ask them, they say:
    Let's say you have a friend named Sam who is queer/trans. You're going to go to a party where Sam will also be and need your parent(s) permi

  • 4
    A same-sex couple are kissing on TV. Your parent(s):
  • 5
    Do your parent(s) have queer, homosexual, trans, etc., friends?
  • 6
    Do your parent(s) support Westboro Baptist Church?

  • 7
    How old are you?
  • 8
    How long have you known you're queer/trans/bisexual, etc?
  • 9
    Why did you take this test?
  • 10
    Are your parent(s) in a same-sex relationship or transgender/queer/agender, etc?

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53 days ago
P.S. I’m seeing a lot of people saying that the quiz told them to come out but they are still scared, take your time and slow down, don’t come out because some random quiz on the Internet told you to, do what needs to be done when you’re comfortable ♡
53 days ago
Hey, I am in the 12-14 range and I am a lesbian. I’ve known that I liked girls since I was 10. my mom is genuinely supportive and has always said that if I like girls or feel like a boy or anything I could tell her and she will always love me for who I am, my dad on the other hand… yeah not so much. I know he loves me greatly and that if I did tell him I was gay he wouldn’t go as far as some dads do and disown me and he even has some friends that are gay! I am just scared because he still goes on about the “Being gay is an abomination and a sin from god.” And stuff like that. It actually kinda hurts, I know my dad loves me more than anything in this world and he would never do anything to hurt me, but him indirectly calling me an abomination whether he means to or not hurts, and it hurts bad. I just want to be “normal” or be in a spot where if I came out nothing would change about our relationship. I wish I was just in a spot where they would except me. If they were though, I probably wouldn’t be writing this right now, and if I was it definitely wouldn’t be the same situation at all. I know my family loves me, and if I told my parents I was gay my mom would accept me in a heart beat (mind you we’ve literally had a conversation on how being gay might not actually be sinful and how love covers a multitude of sins and the Bible literally says love thy neighbor) and my dad wouldn’t disown me. It’s just, scary. And I think a lot of people reading this can agree. I want to be my true self and I want to be able to talk about how much I love girls without my family lecturing me or looking at me funny. I just want to be me. That’s all I ask for. I wish to be like those videos of gay couples living their best life. It’s like a dream to me. A goal that I’m scared I will never reach. A goal that I haven’t even taken the first steps to get to yet because I am so engulfed in that fear. I’m sorry to whoever’s reading this as it is extremely long but if you have gotten to this point I assume you are enjoying it. I just want someone to read this and know that.. you aren’t alone. There are so many people out there who will love you for you. It may be scary, overwhelming scary. But never let go of who YOU want to be. This is coming from someone who is also in the closet. And so please listen to what I’m saying as open-mindedly as possible. You aren’t alone, none of us are. :)

Thank you for reading this insanely long paragraph, Good luck out there, - Dey
58 days ago
Hi, I'm trans-masc and my parents are a bit iffy about this topic.
I don't think my dad likes trans people that much but they're fine.
Oh! And I'm just under 13, I'm so close!
Good luck to people with fully unsupportive parents, I wish you luck in this dreaded world
101 days ago
I am 13-17 and pan but often go as bi or les I want to come out to my parents but I an not sure If they support it or not we don't discuss the subject. I am scared if I come out I will be kicked out of home and I don't want thattttttt
144 days ago
I am 11 years old and i'm starting to have intrest in dating men and women. But i've only come out to one friend and she supports. But im scared to come out to my parents. but i am still young so im not entirely sure if im bi but i am proud of myself.
149 days ago
ummmmmmmmmmmmm... A LITTLE undereducated?! loll
222 days ago
Hello! I am bisexual biromantic and also under 13 (i dont want to say my actual age) my mom supports lgbtq but my dad seems to steer away when the topic is brought up. Also, my entire family is catholic and my parents went to catholic school and it is a sin and to love the same gender (in my case, is female) and i feel kinda nervous ngl i think i should come out when i am older.
259 days ago
im a demigirl, and im demisexual and biromantic. i want to come out, and my parents are mostly supportive. im just really worried. im only out to a couple of my friends, and that was really hard
266 days ago
I came out as pan before Christmas and my mom don't mind it I think? I think she doesn't mind if because she sometimes watches lgbtq+ community stories on TV but my dad however, yeah no. He said that I should get it off my head and it's a sin something like dad I don't remember but ye- my older brother only came out to my mom because my older brother know that my dad will shout at him he came out as bisexual my sister however still hasn't came out tho. Ye-
277 days ago
i want to come out to my parents but idk if they are homophobic...
they dont realy care about the subject..
282 days ago
I am happy to be who I'm and I'm thankful to God my family I don't know if they are homophobic but lotly they supported some gay and some other time they say " no way this attire is too much I don't accept it being your self is good enough " and I'm sure they have noticed my behaviour coz I haven't dates yet and am 15 years but my brother seem to push as you know straight guy 😂🤭 but I'm still looking for someone to love and respect me the way am .Thanks 😍
288 days ago
I am sad everyday wishing that any one in my family would support me I am happy that am gay but I wish people would accept me 😥
288 days ago
My mom prays that none of us are gay but sadly I am gay
293 days ago
Ok I am gonna start from the beginning I am a ten year old (almost eleven) and I am genderfluid my parents have accepted my lesbian aunts her lesbian friends
my nonbinary friend and my sisters trans male friend. and i know will accept me but I am scared my mom is going to think I am lying and not care.

Alex they/them
300 days ago
test results are wrong i know mum would flip out
305 days ago
I am very scared to come out to my parents because sometimes I'm trying to talk to them about lgbtq and they are like "omg can u stop talking about that what are u part of it are u?" And then I start to freak out of what to do because im only 12!

This is very useful thank u very much i wil try to tell my parents when it's pride mouth!?
310 days ago
I dont know if i should come out or not.... they might not accept me.... but they did with one of my trans friends so mabye...
358 days ago
i dont know if i should because my dad HATES lgtbq+ LIKE REALLY HATES IT. My mum is okay but i dont think she would like it.. but ty!!
375 days ago
The quiz says I should come out but I'm uncertain if they will accept me
391 days ago
Oh BTW just be your self and if your not accepted then screw the people who don't accept you🙂😉