Gay Test For Males Ages 12-16

This is a test to help you identify your sexual orientation, be it gay, bisexual or straight. Please note: It aims to HELP YOU make your OWN determination - it does not make it for you. No test in the world can get to the bottom of anyone's mind. Good luck - I hope this helps you figure it all out.

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    Who do you fantasize about?
    Who do you fantasize about?

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6 hours ago
Noah, what is the guy's name?
12 days ago
Im 80% gay and 20% bi and 0% straight
19 days ago
I took this quiz about 3 times already (just for fun)and I get the same answer(bisexual)every time no matter how many times I change the my answer for this quiz
21 days ago
There is this really cute guy at my school, and I like him and think about him alot, but he probably doesn't like me back but always thought of kissing him 😌
58 days ago
If depends, is it an I like you way or a being a🕊way
66 days ago
This isn't even a gay test. This is more like telling a story🤣🤣. And there aren't even enough answers at the scenario part 1
67 days ago
Wow I'm 60% percent gay 30% bisexual and 10 percent straight 😊🥰🤗
92 days ago
I think I’m very gay
109 days ago
I used to be bi, but now I’m gay, I guess boys turn me on more
116 days ago
I did this quiz 2 weeks ago, and just retook it, I was bi "apparently" but I'm gay now!
120 days ago
Same Noah I like more guys than girls
120 days ago
I would date some one if I come out
135 days ago
I like the results the quiz gave me and there was a bit of order questions 😅
139 days ago
the person who wrote this is straiter than a ruler
144 days ago
Question 6 is strange.
Just because someone comes out to you doesnt automatically mean they want to date you. Why would we start dating?🙄
147 days ago
I am 50/50, also 13 but i am starting to like boys better than girls.
165 days ago
So I am gay I toke the test it Essen so hart but how am I going to tell my dad some one help me please 😯😯😯
179 days ago
50/50 bi but I think I like boys better girls💝in the personality department 13 yrs.
179 days ago
I'm with the rafeal guy on question 4.
186 days ago
I’m so excited, I thought I was bi but I always knew I was 90% gay