Am I Gay? (Boys Ages 12-18)

Are you a young male who's wondering about "strange" feelings (which, trust me, are NOT anything to be ashamed about)? I am here for you.

Please take my quiz to find out more about what you might have been worrying about. Whichever result you get, you'll be fine. Your life is your own, and you should be able to love who you love without fear.

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    What kind of porn do you most enjoy watching?

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446 days ago
I wet the bed at 18 and i wear a papy Ali day
945 days ago
I'm am 14 and I got gay I though I was I am very happy with my results and I find boy pretty
945 days ago
14 and gay I'm happy
984 days ago
the gayest thing ive ever done is hug another dude :(
996 days ago
Gay as shet, knew itttt lmaoo
1052 days ago
12 year olds are not having🍦lol
1062 days ago
im gay as frick lmao

but seriously these questions are not for 12 year olds
1077 days ago
I’m gay, this is hawt OwO
1152 days ago
I’m 14 and gay and very happy about it
1165 days ago
These tests probably dont give good results when you are not sexually attracted to anyone ._. Maybe when im older. Also I'm 13 so I don't think its normal to not be sexually attracted to people, but what do I know? The answer is "not that much" also those questions are not 12-18
1224 days ago
100% gay.. ya that sounds about right lol. What can I say? Guys are pretty :D
1230 days ago
I got gay but 💝 the last question turned me on
2116 days ago
it says 12-18 yr old but the questions ask do you watch 🐤or would you want to "you know what"
2149 days ago
I’ve done over 12 tests and they all say bisexual
2179 days ago
I got gay but I mean I'm 13 And I'll be honest I do look at other boys and yes I have had some what a short sexual encounter with another boy.
Haha and I loved it
2180 days ago
I got gay and I'm glad but jeez some of the questions turned me on
2182 days ago
I put this under another name because friends waiting for my results they they all got straight
't think I'm bi maybe bi curious in locker room you can't help but look at other boys god gave us eyes
2199 days ago
Im gay and 11 i will turn twelve next month
2258 days ago
i did and im gay but im not even fricking 12 yet still 11
2264 days ago
I guess I'm gay... hehe I knew it!