Am I Gay? (Boys Ages 12-18)

Are you a young male who's wondering about "strange" feelings (which, trust me, are NOT anything to be ashamed about)? I am here for you.

Please take my quiz to find out more about what you might have been worrying about. Whichever result you get, you'll be fine. Your life is your own, and you should be able to love who you love without fear.

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    What kind of porn do you most enjoy watching?

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2340 days ago
I guess I'm gay... hehe I knew it!
2340 days ago
Who else got hard reading this test? lol
2348 days ago
bi is life
bi is truth
2453 days ago
Im apparently gay.. this is close but wrong however, I'm sure im bi
2458 days ago
Aparently I'm bi I don't disagree but I think I'm abit more gay lolz
2518 days ago
I'm bi. This quiz could have been a little less perverted.
2521 days ago
Whooo I am gay thoght so
2525 days ago
I am bi and proud!
Don't let the haters hate
2534 days ago
lol im a girl, i did this quiz. I'm EXTREMELY GAYY!!!
2555 days ago
I'm a bisexual so trolololololol
2704 days ago
I ain't no fudge bagger