Gay Test For Teen Guys

Are you a teen guy who suspects that you might be gay? Not to worry...finding out for sure is only a few minutes away. Just take this test to see whether you're right. And remember that no test, only you, can know your sexuality for absolute certain. Good luck.

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    Scenario 1 Q1:

    Your best friend (a guy) asks you to come over for a sleepover. You think he is gay, but you're not sure. What do you say?
    Scenario 1 Q1: Your best friend (a guy) asks you to come over for a sleepover. You think he is gay, but you're not sure. What do you say?

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348 days ago
it said I was 79 percent gay but that's weird because I only like guys
490 days ago
I'm 93% gay and i only like boys my age
780 days ago
I am 79% gay but that’s false as I’m only interested in boys.
905 days ago
I am 58%gay means I am intresting in boy or firl also
917 days ago
I am a gay but I don't have a partner I really am suffering
919 days ago
tbh im a girl and keep coming on these for friends so uh ya also be my friend im 13 :)
920 days ago
I’m a 14 year old boy and proud to be bi
1016 days ago
I thought I was gay but i am actually gay
1045 days ago
Gay as fk. I mean I assumed so since I’ve only ever been with guys and I have a bf soooo
1233 days ago
Pretty sure I'm straight but I would be completely fine with being bi or gay and people do think I'm gay sometimes because I don't care about anything sexual. I just want to make others and myself happy.
1272 days ago
Oh I’m gay lol. I mean guys are like 1000% prettier than girls sooo that makes sense lmao
1273 days ago
I'm 100% gay and I've never felt more gay then now
1280 days ago
100% straight I just have to not worry about
1281 days ago
im 50% gay i thought i was more ok.
1287 days ago
1290 days ago
iam 14 and im proud to be gay to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1297 days ago
I'm 14 and im proud to be gay !
1334 days ago
I'm 16 and gay, I read the comments and there are people aged 12 and 14 who say they are proud and open. Ngl you are all inspirations to me. I'm not that brave.
1350 days ago
I’m 14 and gay btw and I’m proud to be gay just like anyone should be proud to be any gender.
1350 days ago
Listen if your gay great.
Embrace who you are! Don’t be afraid of anything and don’t let there be any problems you can’t solve...All Gays Are Queens in their own way. If your not gay great! Have a great life and just remember that this is hard on everyone especially the gays that’s why it’s up to the non-gays to make sure no harm comes to anyone. Our place as people is to get along so if you see someone, anyone getting bullied bc of their gender help them fight it no matter your circumstances. Our ancestors have fought for years so that we can live in an environment safe for everyone. By Queens!