Gay Roleplay Quiz

Hey, what do you say? Time for some gay roleplay, OK? ;-) Check out these 15 scenarios and choose the answer that describes what you'd most likely do in the situation presented. After you've answered them all, check your result, which will tell you how your gay story ends. Enjoy!

  • 1
    You're at school, putting your books away in your locker and getting ready to go home for the weekend when your best friend comes up to you.

    "Hey, yes or no!" he says. "My parents are out of town for the weekend, so would you like to sleep over for the weekend? Your response is:
    You're at school, putting your books away in your locker and getting ready to go home for the weekend when your best friend comes up to you. &quo
  • 2
    You go home and gather your things. Once you're packed up, you head over to Cole's house. The two of you play video games and watch TV together.

    It's late at night, and the two of you are watching a movie on the TV in Cole's room while sitting on his bed. Suddenly, you feel Cole put his hand on your hand. Your reaction is:

    You ...
  • 3
    When the movie ends, Cole looks at you and says, "Hey, yes or no, can I tell you something? I'm gay, and I've had a crush on you for the longest time." You:

  • 4
    Before you know it, Cole has taken his clothes off and is sitting with you naked in bed. He reaches his hand into your pants and grabs your junk. You:
  • 5
    You both are sitting in bed naked, rubbing your hands across each other's bodies. Cole begins to passionately kiss you. You:
  • 6
    Cole grabs your erect member and begins to play with it furiously. You throw your head back and moan loudly. You're about to climax when you feel Cole begin to finger your other private part. You:

  • 7
    You finish in Cole's mouth. He then shows you his private part and asks if you want more of him. You:
  • 8
    You suck Cole and he's loving it. He puts a hand on the back of your head to make you take more in. You continue and he finishes in your mouth. You love it.

    Cole pulls out of your mouth and turns to your other hole and begins to rim it. You:

  • 9
    Cole stops rimming, then fondles himself for a second before aiming for your back door. "Would you like me to mount you?" he asks. You:
  • 10
    Cole sticks his private part in your back door and begins to thrust. You:

  • 11
    Cole grins and goes harder. He hits your prostate gland and it hurts. You:
  • 12
    Cole is slamming you extremely hard. You never want this to end. He then asks you, "Yes or no, do you want me to finish inside you?"You:
  • 13
    Cole floods you with his seed, then kisses you as you both bask in the afterglow. You:
  • 14
    Cole then asks, "Hey, would you like to make this a threesome? I have a friend who's also gay, and would love it if he could join us." You:
  • 15
    Cole gives his friend a call. A few minutes later, a naked young man comes into the room. Cole forces you down onto your hands and knees. The other male, whom Cole introduces as Alex, starts to dry hump you. Cole wants to put himself into your mouth. You:

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15 days ago
I did this as joke. I already know I'm a gay male. Growing up I always wore the things my sisters and mom was wearing, so I grew up wearing a dress, lipstick, eyeliner, blush, and my hair in a bun, ponytail, or braids. I still wear these clothes today and I love it! I've only ever had friends that wear girls and dated guys a bunch. Now, I have a husband and people call me by my moms name, Jennifer, and use feminine pronouns to describe me. And you wouldn't have a thought that I would be a man if you saw me.
15 days ago
i like this test it was fun
117 days ago
I'm gay so this test was correct when it said 100% gay
131 days ago
straight boy, i think asking that question here is stupid but if you want advice i'd suggest asking friends who know/experienced it
141 days ago
hey i'm gay and ready to try the gay life as i think of it always.
162 days ago
am gay and i love it uh
185 days ago
Iā€™m bob and Iā€™m gay like the next guy on this test
554 days ago
You are lucky You have who to Kiss. I am straight but i would want to try that and i don t have a person to do so. Nothing personal , just friends witch benefits :pp
559 days ago
Hey fellas! I'm a straight teenage boy and my friends and I were kissing last night, I enjoyed it a little bit... okay, I enjoyed it a lot more than I should have. My mum is a šŸ˜ chritsian and would probably kill me if she ever found it i was doing funny things with other boys! Any advice? (I'm straight btw)