Gay Scenario Quiz By A 15-Year-Old Boy

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Hi! I'm 15 and gay, and I embrace it with my friends. If you need to talk, but can't do so with friends, I'm sorry for you. But don't worry - I'm here for you! Just message me through the comments.

Meanwhile, I created this scenario quiz to help you think through whether you might be gay, too. I hope it helps you!

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    You and your friends are at a sleepover at your house. You get dared to sleep with your best friend alone for one night. When you do, he cuddles against you with his dick on your ass and it gets hard. What do you do?
    You and your friends are at a sleepover at your house. You get dared to sleep with your best friend alone for one night. When you do, he cuddles again

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36 days ago
This kid reminds me of my bf who gave me a piece of paper and asked me if I was gay I stared at him and asked if he wanted his coffee before i chugged it I was half asleep XD
55 days ago
look if the 15 or 16 year old who made this you helped me feel great about myself and im 9 and insecure but this is making me feel comfortable to talk to you and your older so maybe you have been through it so please respond but yeah just wanted to say
62 days ago
WHY do I never get fully gay I only ever get 70 to 89%
83 days ago
(Closest I could get to rainbow)
128 days ago
Thank You For this Quiz I Am Gay Maybe We Can Chat.
131 days ago
Dose that stand for Jordan ?(it's my cousin's name lol)
164 days ago
lols so what do you do if all your friends are homophobic.
164 days ago
Story!!!! So I really liked (and still like) this kid in my math class. He was really kind and once he held my hand accidentally because I was holding his pencil. The hold lasted for 10 seconds. After during break, he asked about the hold, and I confessed. He was silent for 2 days. Finally on the third day, he kissed me.
177 days ago
181 days ago
Im 13 gay and closeted and love it
248 days ago
avery? if you see this its the same for me
248 days ago
I just cant figure 😻 out at the moment. it is seriously detrimental. I got attracted to a man but then fell for his lover who is a girl. I dream about being with the man but think tat it is embarrassing can someone please help me.
305 days ago
Gay and proud of it yeah I am transgender ftm I think I deleted the space cause no body ever came on there
311 days ago
Okay so creator if you are reading this it’s story time so I was snuggling with my gay bestie (I am a man btw) and he says really nice things to me and talks for a while until he goes in for a hug. But I thought it was a kiss so I moved up Andy he moved down and he face planted into my chest!!! I was so embarrassed.

I found out letter I he is in my class sooooooooo.... kill me

Btw I am super gay!! He turned me!
334 days ago
Hey Kai, aren't u trans (says in lgbtq meet space thing)? Just a question. Ur still valid.
335 days ago
I am 13 and I don't know if I am gay or bisexual but I mainly like boy's.
347 days ago
I'm gay!! I'm 14 and just got out of a relationship
351 days ago
this quiz is really really FUN
353 days ago
I'm gay. No surprise. I have only dated boys so far
357 days ago
Hi creator wanna be friends