Gay Scenario Quiz 2

Are you ready for some hot and steamy test-taking? Welcome to my gay scenario quiz! You'll be entertained as well as get confirmation of whether you're gay, or how gay you are. This is my second gay scenario test on this site, btw, Here's the link to my first one:

Hope you enjoy taking both quizzes as much as I enjoyed writing them! (Soon you'll see WHY, lol! ;)

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22 days ago
22 days ago
Dude anyone trans? I’m a trans gay guy but dating guy scares me cause I don’t know if they’ll think of me only as a girl can someone help me out?
43 days ago
ok im gay but im bi
44 days ago
im gay i guess
76 days ago
I guess I’m 90% straight
78 days ago
I got "You are a shy bottom who loved being dominated by others"
88 days ago
Please make these NOT sexual assault. I'm gay but I would be 🦄 terrified if anyone did any of these (men included).
89 days ago
Id have to wash my mouth with soap if a guy kissed me
102 days ago
This is sexual assault if I was in class and wasn’t asking for it but ok
119 days ago
I took it as a 12 year old trans guy :’)
133 days ago
i look at this as a 11 year old trans man
147 days ago
as a gay, this terrifies me.
159 days ago
These questions are terrifying.
166 days ago
well Anon, looks like someones a tad cranky today
193 days ago
don’t tell Michelle... I like guys
197 days ago
😍 bro, kinda quirky
212 days ago
It assumed I had a partner 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
225 days ago
i took this as a 12 year old trans boy
225 days ago
well ok i found out what i already knew im a huge bottom
235 days ago
well, i got 50% straight cuz i refused to be teased by the other guys. IM A FUGGIN TOP, I'M NEVER LETTING THEM DOMINATE ME