Gay Test - What's My Sexual Orientation? (For Boys)

The fact you're checking out "gay or nay?" tests on the internet means you already know your sexual interests aren't the same as those of most other boys. It's confusing and stressful, especially if you've suddenly developed romantic feelings for a certain boy in your life. Finding out your true orientation one way or the other would either give you relief or would let you move on to a new, more honest, and probably much better chapter of your life. Answer the following questions truthfully, and you will get much closer to figuring things out!:)

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    Why are you taking this test?
    Why are you taking this test?

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4 hours ago
hello i am 14 and gay if you are interested my number is +44 07410899544
8 hours ago
im lesbian i wanted to do this for fun
15 hours ago
Someone date me plz I am gay 16 years old
2 days ago
lmfao turns out im asexual
2 days ago
undefinedI love cock
3 days ago
owo step brwo whats that bwulge in your pwants *hisses at it*
4 days ago
Well Iโ€™m straight... I honestly donโ€™t know how to feel
4 days ago
Why does it say Iโ€™m gay
4 days ago
I didnโ€™t even take this
8 days ago
i'm a trans boy(sorta lol idk) and i thought i had figured everything out but i guess not ;-;

but yeah i feel like i might be pan-something or demisexual or idk but before i came out as trans i was attracted to girls and now i'm just finding everyone just cute so i really don't know can anyone please help
9 days ago
this brought back memories lol, i'd always take this quiz when i was small
11 days ago
im really sorry for being here i just wanna check it out
11 days ago
If anyone needs to vent, pls use the link below! You can let your feelings out in a safe space where everyone will be supportive of you!
12 days ago
Officially not bi never have been never will be
12 days ago
Bi here 25% kinda knew it but yeah lets gooo
14 days ago
bruh im 50 percent gay 20 percent asexual and 10 percent all of the other sexualities this is rigged lmao
15 days ago
I'm PaNsExUaL yAyYyYy
15 days ago
15 days ago
this test was made by straighties and it shows ๐Ÿ˜’