Are want ready to come out of the closet? Quiz

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Are you part of lgbtq+? Well unless you make it super obvious, your going to have to come out in some way or form. While when you come out is truly up to you, this test can help you decide if you are ready or not if you are not sure.

  • 1
    Is the person you plan to come out to very religious?
  • 2
    Does the person you want to come out to support lgbtq+?
  • 3
    Are you sure about the label you are giving yourself?

  • 4
    If you are telling your family, are you in a safe position? (Have a place to stay if they react negative)
  • 5
    Do you want to come out?
  • 6
    How scared are you?

  • 7
    Do you think you should come out?
  • 8
    Do you like this quiz?
  • 9
    What do you want to get?
  • 10
    If you get ready, when will you come out?

Comments (34)


4 days ago
I’m really scared my parents are really religious and they don’t know what lgbtq+ Is. I’m non-binary btw but I did tell my teacher who is gay and I am telling my best friend tomorrow and I’m scared but I think they’ll except me
34 days ago
I'm ready but scared... well, nobody's going to believe that I'm a non-binary that are genderblind (Pansexual)
70 days ago
I want to come out but I am so scared... hw to get over fear? ALSO AMIA IF YOU ARE READING THIS I JUST CAME OUT TO YOU NOW TWLL ME. Are you lesbian like me?
124 days ago
Also @a person you just came out to anyone who is reading the comments :D so good job, you’re halfway there.
124 days ago
Ready but scared, haha. Just as I s u s p e c t e d.

I’m on a road trip rn so idk should I come out when it’s over or should I come out while I still have a lockable door?

(Friends and fam are all supportive and open-minded. I do not befriend jerks)
246 days ago
My dudes, I thought this was SUPPOSED TO TELL ME.
256 days ago
Hi so I think I’m bi and I really want to tell someone but idk who I would tell. I think I would tell a friend before my parents, not that they would react super negatively or anything. I think I might just wait a year or so
305 days ago
I'm coming out in 1000000000.00000000000.000000000.000 years
367 days ago
Well I know that I can never come out to my parents unless like i get a girlfriend with accepting parents that I can stay with bc they are super conservative religious type people. But GOOD NEWS my cousin came out to me and my brother as bi recently and my brother is actually an ally! I didn't not know this bc he's always used to just accept whatever my parents say with out a second thought but apparently now he is an ally and actually im so glad but I'm scared out of my skin to come out to him still. I want to do it with a joke or just like casually mention that I have a crush on a girl doesn't anyone have any ideas about that or could you do it for me please and thank you,
392 days ago
Hi i'm 12, will soon be 13, and I really want to come out to my parents but.... They've both said homophobic things in the past, and also suppotive things.. my parents confuse me!
I am really afraid of comming out as pan beacuse my parents might be mad at me.. TRUST ME my parents expecially my mom are scary asf when they're mad.. and chould harm me out of anger... Or they'd yell at me and tell me ''YOUR TOO YOUNG TO KNOW YET!!!'' and im like.. I thought I was bi until my friend told me about pan.. I also want to come out so I can hang out with my girlfriend in public without if people I know see me and tell my parents cuz that's a whole other thing.... so basiclly HELP! I eally want them to know but as I said im too afraid, yes I do have friends where I chould ask their parents to adopt me if everything whould go wrong... (My friends parents don't know im pan i'd tell them tho) btw I'm a girl and im the oldest of three siblings... I have two younger brothers.. Thank you for listening to my problem, if you have a solition please tell me here!
433 days ago
I am coming out tomorrow wish me luck 🏳️‍🌈
433 days ago
@Your lesbina weeb i know you probaly wont read this but i am just letting you know that a lot of people are in the same boat including myself
474 days ago
I’m in luv with my boifriend of a year & a half & I’m in the closet but my luv for boifriend makes me want to acknowledge myself & come out
483 days ago
Im lesbian and 12, this is my pov, so don't take any advice or stuff out of do you.
So I know my parents are very much ok with lgbtq+ but i a pretty awkward and introverted person so i don't know if i should wait another year till i come out...its just that i might get really flustered or shy whenever im around my parents because they know...anyway, goodluck my gay babies of your coming out story! u don't have to come out though, you can stay in that closet for as long as you want until you want to see the light outside of the closet!
508 days ago
hi NoneOfUrBuisness i am in the same boat! idk if i'm lesbian or bi (but i agree, the bi flag is soo pretty!) mostly i like girls but occasionally boys. only my parents, sister and 5 close friends know and so far they have all been supportive, except 1 girls seemed like she was trying (but failing) to accept it. all of my friends are straight and they are supportive! also my sis is gay but none of my friends are. if you feel ready you should defs come out! myb bring up the whole lgbtq+ thing to see how they react. good luck!
524 days ago
I think I’m bi but it’s confusing. Somtimes I like girls and guys, somtimes I just like girls, somtimes I like no one, and somtimes I semi only like guys. Overall I’ve been sorta attracted to both boys and girls so I’m gonna call myself bi. Ik I can go by queer or questioning but for some reason bi feels better for me also the flag is rly pretty. Oh Also I’m a girl. Okay the point is idk if I should come out to my straight friend and I’m hella scared so can Somone do it for me pls??? Thank u
577 days ago
I have talked to people online to get it off my chest. I also spoke to a really nice woman from the LGBTQ Foundation, the first time I have ever really spoken from the heart. I even told a Mistress I'd been seeing, which was scary, because someone I've met now knows I'm gay. I've partially come out, but not to close friends yet.
721 days ago
welp i said i would today so guess what i done did
755 days ago
I want to come out, but I am nervous based on the reaction. I have a friend who told me they are apart of the LGBTQ+ community, and I want to make sure that I do not seem as if I am coming out because they did. I believe my family is supportive, my mother had said that she would accept me nonetheless I state that if I am gay or not, but then I again I am not certain about how the rest of my family would react to it. Because of how different I am to what they had had originally expected because I am Pansexual Demisexual and Genderfluid. Though I rather have it be that I could just be myself, never need to tell someone who I am. I just want to be myself and not care what people think of me.
784 days ago
I want to come out to my friend,one of my friends decided to tell everyone im lez,exept one person i wanna come out to. (The friend i wanna come out to is my crush)