A Different Kind Of "Am I Gay"? Quiz For High School Teens - Test it

This gay quiz is a little different. It uses non-sexual scenarios and concepts, which some might find more useful, informative and comfortable than, ''Are you attracted to the same sex?'' kinds of quizzes. Good luck! I hope it helps you.

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    You are in school, in a super-boring class you don't really care about. You notice a member of the same sex you haven't seen around school before smiling at you. You:
    You are in school, in a super-boring class you don't really care about. You notice a member of the same sex you haven't seen around school b

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14 days ago
19 days ago
I have no idea what I am my parents want me to be straight but not sure I have both liked boy but have weird thoughts about girls but hen again when I am older I want to have kids what do I do?
20 days ago
I'm sure i'm pan but the result say i'm lesbian .i really confused rn...
26 days ago
I got gay i am i thoink
27 days ago
it was to the anonymous dude((big)
27 days ago
JAKE, dude, i understand what you feel because I also have only liked (? ppl from the opposite sex, but please don't be scared or disgusted by having, let's say, odd feelings or thoughts, like, I've had those before and they don't help at all, maybe try to explore this. An example, try to think about yourself in a gay relationship, like domestic stuff, cuddling, other things idk if i should mention, etc... does it make you uncomfy? can you /actually/ picture yourself in there? if the answer's yes, cool, that's what you wanted, but if it isn't, well man you've got some things to figure out.
Hope that helped.

(also, doing sports and working out doesnt say anything yk, like, thats weird man)
28 days ago
💯 gay add my snap and send me stuff and I will, my sc is my username here, boys only
34 days ago
Elephant and Hi, I am confused, I relate. I've never had a real crush on anybody, but if I think about the future, I want to be with another girl if I'm with anyone at all. All my feelings are jumbled and idk what to do. I think I might be lesbian, but I'm not sure and I just don't know. I'm also pretty young. Elephant, ik how you feel about not wanting to just be following in your friends footsteps, and I also get how you feel about LGBT+. I just hope I'm not in this state for multiple years, but I think that could happen. Omg I'm so scared 😨 this is just so crazy and it's hard for me to confess like this. I just- I don't know if I'm straight, bi, pan, or lesbian and it's just so confusing. Like, couldn't these thoughts wait till I actually want to date? Like, my friends date sometimes, but I want to wait. So why does it have to be now 😥😔😟🙁😞 And, if I decide I am lesbian, idk how I am gonna tell my family. I think they would support me cuz my mom has friends who are lesbian but I don't really know... omg I feel so much better after typing this. To anyone who is reading this, you should write (or type) your feelings down to make you feel better about yourself, even if you don't share it with anyone. Sorry this was so long and confusing. Bye
36 days ago
Elephant, forgot to add, try not to worry too much you will figure everything out aventuly and in the meen time try learning about yourself or talking to people who can help.
36 days ago
Elephant, i understand. If you like girls and guys than you might be bi but sexuality is fluid and it changes.

I can't realy give you advice cause I am confused too and have been for a long time.

Hope this was helpful and you work things out and find your true self! :)
36 days ago
im,, not gay. i know that, cause ive had massive crushes on guys before. but tbh, i dont really want to be straight either cause the lgbt community seems so welcoming and i have a tone of queer friends and i do check out girls and i do,, i feel sexual attraction when it comes to the same 🌻
so what should i do?? im not doing this for a trend- i genuinely have been so confused for two 🌻 years. if i want to have🌻w another girl but i dont want to date her, doesnt that make me a hypocrite? am i doing this just to imitate my friends? like 🌻 it im so tired of that
36 days ago
Hi, I got gay (I am a girl about 11 to 14) and have done SOOO many tests I get bi sometimes but I am getting gay.

I like this girl in my class and we are really close even though we haven't known each other long and kinda wanna tell her but she has a boyfriend (but jealous), she seems happy and don't wanna ruin our friendship. I think it is a real crush but I might just like her as a friend.

I am pretty sure I am not straight but I kinda wanna like guys too. I am scared that if I am gay or bi my parents won't except it even though they seem very supportive of LGBTQ+.

If anyone relates or has advice pls say.

Sorry for wasting your time.
48 days ago
Bros, I am not gay and the result is that I am extremely straight, But still they are thoughts boggling my mind of gay things, I dont want to be gay, all of my life I dated girls and do sports as well as work out, Can you guys please help me forget this things in my mind? Do you have any tips or something?
52 days ago
Idk what my sexuality is I kinda wanna be a straight father or a gay father's at the same time
65 days ago
65 days ago
I only had two crushes. A boy and a non-binary person. They both obviously liked each other and I was happy for them but I was still kinda sad.. whatever makes them happy.
They’re both kinda distant now, but we’re all friends. But I feel like the non-binary person and I have grown extremely close so I’m very happy about that. They don’t even know how much they mean to me. They’re the only thing I have left to look up to.
66 days ago
Well I got gay not surprising since I kind of new I think just of the thought of being with another boy just feel right can anyone give me advice to comimg out as gay to my mum
68 days ago
the quiz said im gay and i think its correct considering i think that i have a crush on this girl ive been talking/texting but im not sure if this is fake or not idk if this is real maybe im just faking it
69 days ago
It said I'm gay but I'm p sure I'm bi, but I'm questioning so maybe it's right. Regardless, I really love this quiz more than others because the questions aren't straight up like Do You Like The Same💋and Do You Like The Opposite💋because like if I knew the answer to that for sure I wouldn't be taking this quiz.

This is my favorite sexuality quiz out there for sure, the questions are just great
82 days ago
So this says I'm gay (lesbian)
And most other tests told me I'm bi/pan
I've never really had like a big crush I think?
Potentially I wouldn't really care about a person's gender but I'm only 14
Also I think I miiiight have a little crush on my best friend (girl) ...
Idk if I'm just overreacting but I kinda get really giggly when she's around and I always want her as close to me as possible and omg idk
And like we kissed once as a joke and sometimes I just think I would like to again
I'm lost
Like at least I knoe I'm not straight XD