A Different Kind Of "Am I Gay"? Quiz For Teens

This gay quiz is a little different. It uses non-sexual scenarios and concepts, which some might find more useful, informative and comfortable than, ''Are you attracted to the same sex?'' kinds of quizzes. Good luck! I hope it helps you.

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    You are in school, in a super-boring class you don't really care about. You notice a member of the same sex you haven't seen around school before smiling at you. You:
    You are in school, in a super-boring class you don't really care about. You notice a member of the same sex you haven't seen around school b

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I am 99.9% sure I am gay
7 days ago
I am not happy I am so confused I’m like 90% sure I’m gay but indeel like I’m too young to find out
8 days ago
It says I'm asexual and I do suspect that but I'm also confused as I do also get turned on when I see something sexual and I would also like to have🐬with a girl but I wouldn't want to do it with a guy but I also do think guys are attractive and wouldn't minds dating them and idk help
10 days ago
@figts for rights you see the thing about coming out is that ur parents have probably know u are what’re sexuality you are before you figure it out ur self so ur just confirming what ur parents already knew
11 days ago
this test was a bit confusing but it was accurate
i am 12 but i still took it anyway
17 days ago
i liked how you wrote the questions, they felt very real, ya know? although i got gay/lesbian, i'm pretty sure i'm bi because i have crushes on most of the time boys (i'm a girl) but have been developing feelings for this one girl. no hate to your quiz it was the best sexuality one i've taken!!!
23 days ago
@Clem there is no age limit to figuring out who you are. My friend found out he (formerly a she) was lesbian when he was 12, and a year later found out he was trans. I myself started questioning at your age 2 years ago, and it's okay and totally valid to feel this way. If you really are a les, I hope your parents are accepting. Best of love!
24 days ago
i'm a girl and i don't know if i'm bi or straight. this test said bi but i'm not sure if i really want people to know that or if i can live that openly and proudly. i'm 17 rn but have never even date anyone. idk i mainly crushed or tried to impress boys but meanwhile a relationship with a girl seems better. even in the meaning of😻i guess i prefer doing it with a girl and be more happy abt it. when i grow up doing it with a man looks good too tho. i'm really confused. are there any people who get through same thoughts or any advise if there are adults here?
25 days ago
Why is sexuality confusing?! I'm a 12 year old girl who is very confused. I know I like girls, but I don't know if I like any other genders, and if so, what genders. But, at least I know I'm gay! :D
27 days ago
@shrek dont listen to them. you are who you are and no one can tell you differently. also if anyone else has tips to help me come out bc i am so terrified please help
33 days ago
When I turned 9, I learned what gay was, and supported it, but considered myself straight. A year later, I learnt what bisexual was, and decided I wanted to be bisexual.
I identified as bisexual for a year and a half.
I was 11 years old when I started feeling sexual attraction, but I lied to myself and said I felt it with all genders.
So for two years, I identified as pansexual.
Recently, I realised I'm only attracted to boys and changed my label to "Panromantic, Homosexual". I don't know if I am panromantic or homoromantic but I hope I figure out soon
35 days ago
I always had suspicion that i might be gay/bi bc i always had more attraction to the same😘but i had a few crushes of the oppisite😘this quiz cleared alot for me
35 days ago
good quiz, the sleepover one where your friend falls asleep, i would add like an option keep watching tv or keep sitting on your phone
35 days ago
... this seems pointed to me
36 days ago
byeee @mya im in the exact same situation as u except i just identify as bi lmfao,,, i've known i was bi for like??? 5??? years now and i literally can't come out to my parents for real bcos a few years they technically outed me by going thru my phone and finding out i had a gf (i'm also a girl) and they got super pissed and denied my sexuality and were like "nah u dont like girls u just dont have enough friends!!" and then sent me to therapy. like bruh what do i even do now lmfao
36 days ago
honestly I know I am pan and I got pan on this test but I don't know how to tell my family so I'm just taking tests bc of the fact I don't know how to tell my family likeeee how do I tell them?
36 days ago
I am very sure that I am bi, but I also might be gay. The quiz says I am gay, but currently I am going with the label as bi because I can always explain to people and / or explain that I like people of my gender more. I am taking a lot of quizzes lol cuz I'm really nervous to come out to my parents.
37 days ago
kiss somone you feel close too and if they dont like it tell them your drunk
40 days ago
I mean I don't know if I'm gay/bi or straight and I'm just manifesting kissing someone at this point.
40 days ago
I was reading the comments and I found mine from two weeks ago lmao. I really need help though, as I'm not sure if I'm gay or bi? Or if I just REALLY want to be? But I held a friend of mine's hand back in october and since then I've just been questioning EVERYTHING. I've never had an interaction with a guy though? I know I'm fourteen and I REALLY should have but I just havent? Thinking back on it, the only experiences I've had have been with girls. But I just don't know until I experience it, right? Sorry for ranting I'm just such a mess and I got outed today.