A Different Kind Of "Am I Gay"? Quiz For Teens

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This gay quiz is a little different. It uses non-sexual scenarios and concepts, which some might find more useful, informative and comfortable than, ''Are you attracted to the same sex?'' kinds of quizzes. Good luck! I hope it helps you.

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    You are in school, in a super-boring class you don't really care about. You notice a member of the same sex you haven't seen around school before smiling at you. You:
    You are in school, in a super-boring class you don't really care about. You notice a member of the same sex you haven't seen around school b

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9 hours ago
@Clem, im 12 also and im gay too and have been since i was like 9. you are never too young to know your sexuality. rock on :-)
14 hours ago
Does anyone think that 12 is too young for me to know that I’m a lesbian
14 hours ago
I got lesbian. I’m turning 13 in about 8 months but I kinda knew that I might be gay since I have been crushing on my year 6 teacher since last year.
I feel like my Friends don’t really understand what it feels like for me Ik it’s okay and I know that my family will love me no matter what. I love LGBTQ + but it’s just I want to be like all the other girls in my year 7 class and think more about boys and movies. Other then girls and finding my true sole mate.
3 days ago
I got lesbian. I'm confused coz I think I'm actually bi. Also I am currently crushing on a boy but I messed it all up and turned it into drama coz my moms don't want me dating boys they're afraid ill get pregnant but I'm only 12. So they think I'm leabian but I'm actually bi but I'm afraid to tell them coz they won't let me date boys, but I'm not afraid of not being accepted tho coz they are lesbian themselves
6 days ago
I took this quiz, even though I'm a female with two partners (one girl, one gender-confused) in a poly relationship, because honestly why not.
7 days ago
I am 14 year old boy and I got gay I'm not surprised I though I was gay so ya it was very accurate
7 days ago
I’m confused I thought I was bi but it said lesbian so..
7 days ago
It said I was lesbian but I am still trying to figure out if am or bi with a preference
7 days ago
I got gay but I honestly don't know if I'm bi or not. I've never actually kissed someone so don't know if I'd like boys or girls.
8 days ago
I got bi/pan and I think i’m pan- I know i’m attracted to guys and I think girls- I also think i’m attracted to like they/thems too? I don’t know kinda everyone ig
10 days ago
Im a lesbian, surprise surprise uhh dm me on Instagram if you want a homosexual friend or something lol
10 days ago
Yeah I put my name in. I'm closeted so this is kind of outing myself. I'm gay. Or maybe bi. But dudes are gross asf!
16 days ago
surprise, surprise, I got asexual. I knew it already but just wanted to confirm. BTW, the quiz's definition of asexual is wrong.It actually means u r Not sexually attracted to others. U Can still be platonically, aesthetically, romantically, or sensually attracted. Just a heads up to the quiz creator. No offfense. 😁
19 days ago
Proud to*
Denying it*
19 days ago
You are most likely bisexual/pansexual. You are attracted to members of both sexes. This sexuality is more accepted than homosexual, as you are partly straight - but people might tell you it ''isn't a real sexuality'' or ''just pick one.'' This is 100% false. You should be confident and proud of who you are! Good luck with your newfound information. I am proudto say this, after denyingit for 12 years and believing I am straight, I am bisexual.
19 days ago
i got lesbian and im happy with my results ;3
38 days ago
thank you for the answer :0still wondering, but i guess im fluid :) :)
39 days ago
I'm bi, but i got gay. Also to "dont wanna say name :)", I think you might be biromantic like me :)
39 days ago
Apparently I am lesbian, I like girls so it makes Sense, but I thought I was bi and likes girls so much more but I am proud and happy🌈🌈
40 days ago
yeah, i meant to make one comment but it was an accident so yeah.