Where Do I Fall On The Kinsey Scale? (Gay Test)

The Kinsey Scale is a great way to find out what sexuality you are. It’s on a scale of 0-6. The higher you score, the more homosexual you are. A score of 0 indicates you’re exclusively heterosexual, while a score of 6 means you’re exclusively homosexual.

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    Have you ever caught yourself staring at someone of your same gender because you found them cute or good-looking?
    Have you ever caught yourself staring at someone of your same gender because you found them cute or good-looking?

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6 days ago
Also exclusively homosexual. lol
13 days ago
I agree that I am exclusively homosexual.
13 days ago
Yes I am a homosexual and proud of it!!!
34 days ago
The questions if you support LGBT+ are so unneccessary, that doesn't have anything to do with your sexual orientation. I'm straight and support it 100%. Besides, the fact that I'm straight doesn't automatically make me a "streotypical woman", and a majority of my friends are male. This quiz is so cliche!
184 days ago
Bruh just bc i play video games make me bi come on i hae girl crushes but i dont think of them that way
230 days ago
I think this was written by a 12 year old. "Someone you like of the same gender walks into a room", "A same🦄friend leans close to you"? The choices in answers made no sense.
241 days ago
100% heterosexual :)
283 days ago
I scored a "4 or 5" meaning im kinda gay. And yeah, I'm bi. Nice.
292 days ago
Welp. I’ve taken three different Kinsey tests and scored a 6 each time. Knew it
296 days ago
im bi
i knew it.
its not a suprise from my parents
my sis is lesbian so...
they dont care.
i wont tell my grandparents cuz there trump supporters
304 days ago
you score a zero. This means you are exclusively heterosexual (straight). You are very stereotypical of your gender, and don’t like gay people very much (if at all). I hope my quiz helped you. Please share it with friends you think could benefit from it.
Dude!! I am bi with a homosexual preference!! I answered the questions gayly. Come on!
326 days ago
Mine said I was 40% almost exclusively heterosexual (1 or 2) and 40% almost exclusively homosexual (4 or 5) uhm so does this mean I’m bi?
347 days ago
I'm a girl and i got 4 or a 5 (almost exclusively gay) ~~ my sexuality is kind of a headache because i know i heavily preference girls and would call myself lesbian if it wasnt for the fact that i have a boyfriend who i love lmaoo. i mean he could pass as a girl really easily but still. i feel like i have to identify as bi now and idk the struggle is real
359 days ago
399 days ago
I wonder if it’s ok to be gay and still hate lgbtq Hm hopefully it is
426 days ago
My score is six. This means I am exclusively homosexual. I am very stereotypical of my opposite gender.
440 days ago
So this didnt help, I kinda figured tho.
I'm still not sure if I'm bi or not but I guess its up to me to find out someday.. Welp yea thats pretty much my comment on this so umm hmmm well I gues QwQ
448 days ago
Exclusively gayyyyyyy, I knew it
451 days ago
jokes on you i dont have friends
475 days ago
Exclusively gay