Where Do I Fall On The Kinsey Scale? (Gay Test)

The Kinsey Scale is a great way to find out what sexuality you are. It’s on a scale of 0-6. The higher you score, the more homosexual you are. A score of 0 indicates you’re exclusively heterosexual, while a score of 6 means you’re exclusively homosexual.

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    Have you ever caught yourself staring at someone of your same gender because you found them cute or good-looking?
    Have you ever caught yourself staring at someone of your same gender because you found them cute or good-looking?

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7 days ago
I think this was written by a 12 year old. "Someone you like of the same gender walks into a room", "A same💑friend leans close to you"? The choices in answers made no sense.
19 days ago
100% heterosexual :)
61 days ago
I scored a "4 or 5" meaning im kinda gay. And yeah, I'm bi. Nice.
70 days ago
Welp. I’ve taken three different Kinsey tests and scored a 6 each time. Knew it
73 days ago
im bi
i knew it.
its not a suprise from my parents
my sis is lesbian so...
they dont care.
i wont tell my grandparents cuz there trump supporters
81 days ago
you score a zero. This means you are exclusively heterosexual (straight). You are very stereotypical of your gender, and don’t like gay people very much (if at all). I hope my quiz helped you. Please share it with friends you think could benefit from it.
Dude!! I am bi with a homosexual preference!! I answered the questions gayly. Come on!
104 days ago
Mine said I was 40% almost exclusively heterosexual (1 or 2) and 40% almost exclusively homosexual (4 or 5) uhm so does this mean I’m bi?
125 days ago
I'm a girl and i got 4 or a 5 (almost exclusively gay) ~~ my sexuality is kind of a headache because i know i heavily preference girls and would call myself lesbian if it wasnt for the fact that i have a boyfriend who i love lmaoo. i mean he could pass as a girl really easily but still. i feel like i have to identify as bi now and idk the struggle is real
137 days ago
177 days ago
I wonder if it’s ok to be gay and still hate lgbtq Hm hopefully it is
203 days ago
My score is six. This means I am exclusively homosexual. I am very stereotypical of my opposite gender.
218 days ago
So this didnt help, I kinda figured tho.
I'm still not sure if I'm bi or not but I guess its up to me to find out someday.. Welp yea thats pretty much my comment on this so umm hmmm well I gues QwQ
226 days ago
Exclusively gayyyyyyy, I knew it
228 days ago
jokes on you i dont have friends
253 days ago
Exclusively gay
254 days ago
This is wrong. I am bisexual but it says I’m straight. Also, the part where one of the options were “eww no” really bothers me because the ew part makes it seem like every person that doesn’t dress up like the opposite🐬is disgusted of the idea. -.-
298 days ago
welp it says im 50 50. hlf gay and half straight.tf. i think that makes me bi tho...
311 days ago
i’m queer 100% and took this test for fun but there are way too many homophobic options. it makes it seem like if you’re straight then the idea of homosexuality disgusts you. also the ‘f@g’ option on q9 should not be there . just because you’re straight and a queer person gets close to you doesn’t mean you’re automatically disgusted
329 days ago
this is the first test to tell me I'm straight-leaning, let alone anything other than 100% gayyy (I'm actually closer to pan-les-cusp because I do like the occassional boy...like, once between seven girls or something xD). I just - HAHAHAHAHA
329 days ago
I got a 1-2. I have been attracted to ONE guy in the entirety of my existence, maybe a couple more in a non-sexual way, but I'm positive I'm at least 75% lesbian.