Am I Gay?

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This quiz shows you how much you (maybe) are gay. Disclaimer: Quizzes don't exactly determine this, if you want a total real answer, go see a Doctor. Anyways, this might put you a little step towards knowing if you are.

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    What do you think you are?

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189 days ago
i like girls and this is saying im bi AUUUAAAKKKK
374 days ago
YAY!!! I'm not gay!!
422 days ago
Lol it said I wasn’t gay. Lol. Lololololol. Bish I know I’m gay. SO STFU RN CUZ IMA GO AND BURN UR FLAKING HOUSE TF DOWN RN BISHHHHHH
422 days ago
Imagine seeing a doctor
D:What are you in for
U: the gay
441 days ago
im married to a woman and i myslef am a women so im pretty sure im gay
450 days ago
imagine going to the doctor to see if you’re gay or not lmao
472 days ago
I know I took the gay test but I'm lesbian and my bro took this test and I said to him don't believe anything that it tells you cos he didn't get a single word of it anyway I love these quizzes do moreeee
476 days ago
Bruh this test is so wrong. What the hell does asesexual mean?
497 days ago
ok well this is 100% wrong cause I'm gay.
501 days ago
ilike girls and boys not just boys thjis is stupid
501 days ago
cmon, guys, get it right, im gay! not bi or straight or whatever! im a lesbian! gay! no discussion! none! nada!
511 days ago
511 days ago
And I'm sure I'm gay because I always lay on my friend on the bus and then my heart will beat faster and he will just sit there and rub my hand and talk to me so yeah.
511 days ago
This test is dumb the other six I took all said gay this one said I ain't and I am 100% sure I'm gay but to insecure to mention it to anyone.
523 days ago
Go see a doctor? 🕊 does that mean, it's not a disease.
576 days ago
😍 does it mean go see a doctor? What are they supposed to do? Cure it? It's not like a sickness or disease, its who we are.
580 days ago
“Diagnosed” lol

...It said i’m straight just because I said I wanted to........but I chose all the lesbian options (I-I think...BAKA)
611 days ago
I'm bi half gay tho u feel i werid with the same gender-
614 days ago
This is so funny I said I'm bi at the beginning and just because I am not into dating and romantic stuff (regardless of gender mind you!) It said I'm straight LMAO
Also getting "diagnosed" as gay? Baby your queer phobia is showing lol
616 days ago
Ok but it’s so funny how it says go to a doctor to be diagnosed lmao
“Hi yeah basically I just been attracted to the same💝recently”
“Oh, I know exactly what to give you! It’s called gay, try it today”