Are you gay? (for girls)

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Take this if you’re severely questioning your sexuality. Hopefully, this will point you in the right direction:) or if you know already but just want to take it out of boredom like me go ahead bestie! Side note: there are so many more sexualities than those listed here so this quiz is not to undermine that in any way! <33

  • 1
    You’re laying in bed, thinking of a romantic scenario to play out in your head for tonight. What gender comes to mind?
  • 2
    You overhear someone describe you as bisexual (liking both men and women). What’s your reaction?
  • 3
    You’re watching a movie with a great, attractive cast. Who do you want?

  • 4
    Which ships are the hottest in movies and TV shows?
  • 5
    You’re watching the Pride parade and see a lesbian couple. Could you see yourself in that relationship?
  • 6
    You’re at the beach and an attractive guy comes up to you. Your friends nudge you to talk to him because “he’s so hot!” What do you want to do?

  • 7
    Now create the person of your dreams in your head. What sounds closest to them?
  • 8
    Are you questioning your sexuality?
  • 9
    A super hot girl just asked you out!
  • 10
    Would you ever date a boy?

  • 11
    If you got the result “lesbian” at the end of this quiz how would you react?
  • 12
    Picture yourself with your future family. Pretend you have kids (or don’t I totally feel you there). Who’s your partner?
  • 13
    Almost done. It’s valentine’s day and you’re looking at all the happy...
  • 14
    What result would make you go “nope nope nope this isn’t my result for sure! lemme retake this quiz”
  • 15
    Thanks for your patience bestie! Lastly what result do YOU think you are? The answer lies within <3

Comments (59)


3 days ago
i though i was a lesbian, until i got a mini-crush on a guy, i could still be gay tho, i have heard before from some lesbians that they also liked men when they gave more of a "feminine" vibe or looked fruity and he did, so now i just dont know, also i dont like tho limits of only being able to like 1 gender
100 days ago
Yeah I think I can date a boy if I have to, but I do not find them sexually attractive, that is.
113 days ago
You know a slight bit of the reason I have no attraction to dude whatsoever nowadays is I have to share a bathroom with my older brother he's 16 and the bathroom floor next to the toilet is never clean because of him!
113 days ago
It said I was lesbian pretty accurate but none of these tests seem to realize that some people are just taking these tests for fun and may already be in relationships I'm already dating someone a girl but none of these questions that involve do you see anyone when you think of your future like stuff like that they all seem to undermined and ignore people that are just like I'm really bored even though I'm already dating someone I want to take this test but I'm completely fine with that because I feel like a lot of people are taking these tests because maybe I'm not straight you know
123 days ago
girls are so hottt 87% gay
127 days ago
Boys are so cute👪
127 days ago
I hate it. it is such a lie boys
132 days ago
Cool quiz it was actually kinda cool doing this quiz.
134 days ago
I'm 73% gay and 27% bisexual 0% straight 0% pansexual. I've liked one guy before and at least 4 girls.
148 days ago
60% Lesbian 20% Bisexual 10% Pansexual and 0% Straight
148 days ago
I'm bisexual but I'm more into women rather than men so yeah.
152 days ago
Why is this quiz assuming im attractive enough to get 𝕓!tches🤨 factz 𝕚 am lesbian tho
193 days ago
this test it cool and really helps but tbh im not bi,pans or lesbain im straight but i support lgbtq+
195 days ago
I'm not gay...just bored xD. But...I want RESULTS instead of points. I think to like girls is so disgusting for me lol, I'm not gay. Good luck to all of ya!
257 days ago
im bi and love it no matter what you anyone thinks
266 days ago
Am I the only one who got %100 straight?
266 days ago
Yes!!! %100 straight!
310 days ago
well I got 100% gay but I'm a lesbian and bi sexaully so IDk
313 days ago
80% lesbian, 13% bi, 7% pan, 0% straight

i currently define as bi but i think i’m drifting closer to being homosexual as i’m more comfortable in being out as an lgbtq individual so maybe i am a lesbian :D

and besides, i wanna girlfriend 😂😂
lesbian couples are so cuute 🥺
315 days ago
Lol 0% straight. i got pansexual only 47% tho