Am I gay?

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Are you fruity? who knows. let's find out with this 100% accurate, definitely not a joke, quiz.

  • 1
    Do you ever have those "oh shit, that wasn't very straight of me" moments?
  • 2
    (Question for girls)
    Do you have a male celebrity crush that is not Harry Styles?
  • 3
    (Question for boys)
    Do you stare at the Calvin Klein men's underwear ads for a little bit too long?

  • 4
    Do you ever think about someone of the same gender and wonder "hmm... do I have a crush on them or do I just really want to be friends?"
  • 5
    In elementary or middle school did you ever low-key date someone with the same gender sort of without knowing it?

    EX: 2 girl "friends" subconsciously doing couple things with/to each other, it's different between them vs with their other friends
  • 6
    If you said the words "I am straight" out loud would you doubt yourself?

  • 7
    Do you get upset when hearing about homophobia?
  • 8
    Are you... homophobically gay?
  • 9
    When out with your friends (talking about same-gender friends of course) do you ever slip up and stare at them lovingly for a little too long?
  • 10
    When listening to love songs or daydreaming, does your mind ever wander into gay territory?

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