Introductory Gay Scenario Quiz

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Here's a simple quiz to help you boys explore the depths of your sexual orientation. Enjoy a few straightforward questions and some scenarios. Remember to be honest and open-minded - this is a no-judgment zone.

  • 1
    Let’s start small: In your youth, did you ever practice kissing with a friend of the same gender?
  • 2
    Did you ever physically experiment with a friend of the same gender (dry humping, mutual masturbation, etc.)?
  • 3
    You are out hiking in secluded woods and hear something odd. You see it’s two young men making out in a clearing. What do you do?

  • 4
    A friend, James, is staying at your house over the weekend. You are showering, and he knocks on the bathroom door saying he needs to pee. What do you do? 
  • 5
    You and James go camping. By noon, you both stink to high heaven. He suggests bathing in the river. What do you do? 
  • 6
    On the same trip, night falls, but your tent is shredded by falling branches. James says you can sleep in his tent. What do you do? 

  • 7
    You are staying in James's tent. He tells you that he sleeps in the nude because it's more relaxing. Your reaction? 
  • 8
    In the morning, James leaves the tent undressed, stretches and starts making breakfast in the nude. Your reaction? 
  • 9
    After the camping trip, James comes to your house and asks you to kiss him as an experiment to help him confirm his orientation. Your reaction? 
  • 10
    You’re staying alone at a hotel with no Wi-Fi, just cable that only has a gay p*rn channel. What do you do? 

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80 days ago
As gay as f#%k at 50%
It me through & through 🏳️‍🌈
149 days ago
bruh i got called homophobic by 20% in this😔😔💪💪 i have been deeply insulted and hurt by that😔😔😔😔💪💪 i just dont want to make people uncomfortable or myself uncomfortable
157 days ago
🐤 40% bi I was sure I was straight but apparently not :)
197 days ago
well frick time for a metamorphosis AAAAAAAAAA
238 days ago
I am gay I just care abt consent lmao
245 days ago
gosh darn it im like 60 percent straigt i was hoping for 100% strait XD
256 days ago
"learn to accept people how they are stop being homophobic." no u
261 days ago
Why is so many questions abt🍦and I have a bf, but I have a grl crush well more than one nd it kinda annoys him but ya know you can't stop liking who u like
310 days ago
i got gay and i am so gay and it is so true.
314 days ago
I got gay which is true
349 days ago
straight but kind to all orientations
357 days ago
I thought this was way off. Dude im gay and it said i was straight and homophobic
404 days ago
I totally agree and like results.