Am I gay? Bi?

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As a queer person who has gone through lots of questioning their sexuality, I thought I would create a quiz to help you if you're questioning. I am also more than happy to answer questions about what sexuality you might be or offer advice if you want to comment and ask! (I've never made a quiz before but hopefully the comments work -- sorry if it doesn't notify me or something. If all else fails you can email me at
P.S. If you're googling "am I gay?" or "am I bi?" the answer is probably yes hehe. Straight people don't wonder that constantly.
P.P.S. In this quiz I say "other gender" or "opposite gender" -- this isn't to imply that there are only 2 genders! It's just for the ease of younger people/people who are less familiar with the LGBTQ+ community that is taking this quiz.

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17 days ago
I got gay im not surprised I really am only attracted to boys im happy im gay 🌈
25 days ago
I have gay friends so I thought I should take a test because lately I've liked a girl and it said I'm bi
30 days ago
my brother is gay! #gayhobbo4ever
34 days ago
My results came back ad that I'm gay
34 days ago
So my results said that I am gay.
62 days ago
I am gay and know it.
87 days ago
Would go either way if it feels good
105 days ago
I thought the quiz was good
134 days ago
best sexuality test i've seen so far 😩🙏
135 days ago
kinda random but “Maybe you should look into cuffing your jeans more often.” caught me off guard lol
135 days ago

I’ve been trying to figure this out for like half a year now, yes I have taken a million quizzes, I did really like a friend who I thought was a boy but she was trans, and I do really like a friend who I thought was a girl but they’re non-binary, and I even slept in their bed like 4 times during sleepovers and they held my hand and it was- nice-
I’m a girl, I very very rarely find anyone attractive in an indifferent way from anyone else, and I guess it’s just kinda happened with my two friends. I don’t care about their gender or looks, I just care about their morals and personality. I don’t know since I only liked two people if I’m pan or bi though, but I kind of just feel like I fit in when I hang out with lgbtq+ friends, and I went to the lgbtq+ club at school, and I’ll do it again.
I was on call with some friends and a kind of funny thing happened. So I said, for the beginning of a random joke, “Guys, I have to tell you something” and both of them, just so genuinely said “you’re gay?” and I died, I think they think something is up.

And even I, stupidly enough, can’t fully convince myself of the absolute certainty that I may be pansexual or something, being able to confidently say to myself that I know for a fact who I am, and I haven’t really been able to talk about it. I kind of just want someone’s opinion, a reply would be appreciated as I’ll likely be checking this, it’s a lot, but you don’t have to read the whole thing
135 days ago
Pandora recommended me a girl in red song, I didn’t like Pandora much so I switched to spotify and immediately it recommended me a song called butch 4 butch and I added it to my playlist to listen to like every day

I m i g h t h a v e s h o w n m y c l a s s m a t e m y a c c o u n t
140 days ago
thanks for the quiz tho helped me a lot
148 days ago
I wanted to add some quick information on some terms if you're unsure on what different terms mean or which one you are. Also I wanted to say that for a lot of bisexual people, attraction to different genders feels different! This is super important to remember and could have helped me a lot. Also your romantic and sexual attraction can be different from each other -- I have friends who are biromantic homosexual and things like that!
Gay -- attracted to the same gender as yourself
Lesbian -- women (or non-binary people) who are attracted to the same gender/women
Queer -- anyone who is not straight
Androsexual -- attraction to masculinity. Not just men but people of multiple genders who are masculine.
Gynosexual -- attraction to femininity. Not just women but people of multiple genders who are feminine.
Asexual -- Little or no sexual attraction to anyone.
Aromantic -- Little or no romantic attraction to anyone.
Abrosexual -- Abrosexuals have changes in their sexual orientation over time. It's normal to have preferences and sometimes not be into women for a little while or not be into men for a while (sexuality shifts and there's periods of change) but abrosexuals' sexuality completely changes.
Bisexual -- Attraction to people of more than one gender (or people of genders similar to and different to your own). This is an umbrella term and can describe pan, omni, and poly, among others, but can also be a sexuality on its own.
Pansexual -- Attraction to people regardless of gender
Omnisexual -- Attraction to all genders, but with gender playing a role in attraction (preferences and attraction to different genders feeling different)
Polysexual -- Attraction to many genders but not all

There's a lot more but those are the main ones I can think of! Best of luck and y'all are valid!