Are you gay?
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Are you gay?

This test will tell you for sure if you are attracted to the same sex.

Question 1:How many times a day do you hug a person of the opposite sex?
never boys are dumb

Question 2:Have you ever kissed the same sex(not part of your family) NOT on a dare?
yes, 2+
i have thought about it
never, that is sick and wrong

Question 3:Have you ever been jealous of another boy/girl?(depending on your sex)
yes, it is unnatural to noy be jealous
well i think so

Question 4:Have you ever gone out with the opposite sex?
no they all hate me
let me think
yes, duh are you stupid?

Question 5:Have you ever gone out with the same sex?
of course but i was paid
yes he/she was sexy
heck no again sick and wrong

Question 6:Have you been in the dressing room and looked at someone else and thought/said nice but
yes but as a joke
i think about it everyday
no i dont look at the same sex that way

Question 7:Have you ever had sexual thoughts about the same sex?
me and my friends talk about at sleepovers!
every night before i go to bed
NO that is gross

Question 8:Do you ever think you will become gay?
once or twice
oh ya
NO i am totally in to the same sex

Question 9:How many girl-friends do you have? (as in friends)

Question 10:How many boy-friends do you have? (as in friends)
at least 9
0 i hate boys

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