The Lesbian Test
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The Lesbian Test

You can read titles, right? Well it's what the title says. Find out if you're a lesbian, bi, or straight. Girls only.

Question 1:   When you see a hot girl pass by do you:
Get slightly aroused
Think she’s hot
Hate her because you think she’s more beautiful then you

Question 2:   If you’ve ever seen a porno, intend to, or think about one. Was it, would it, or is it:
Girl on girl on boy
Girl on boy
Girl on girl

Question 3:   When you think of sex toys and you buy one would you use it on:
Have a guy use it on you
Another girl

Question 4:   Okay with question 3 when you use the sex toy, would you think about:
Another girl and guy
Another guy
Another girl

Question 5:   When or if you’ve had sex would you rather be:
Fucked by a guy
Use a dildo by a guy or girl
Eaten by a girl

Question 6:   When you think of girls, do you think of them as:
Another form of sex
Your friend/enemy

Question 7:   When, or if, you go to clubs do/would you hit on:

Question 8:   Lets put you in a scenario... you’re walking down the street and you come across this really pretty girl. She stops and asks if you would go out with her on a date. Would you say:
I’ll think about it
Hell no/Maybe as friends
Hell yes

Question 9:   Another scenario... you’re walking down the street and you come across a really hot guy. He asks if you want to go on a date. Would you say:
Hell yes

Question 10:   When a girl walks by do you stare at:
Her boobs, and ass
Nothing, you wouldn’t be staring at a girl in the first place
Her ass

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