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Girl-crush or crush on a girl? Quiz

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All girls have mini girl crushes. This is to find out if yours is something more.

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438 days ago
So there’s this girl in my school. I think she’s as old as me. We have P.E. together. At the beginning I didn’t really like her, for no reason. I started liking her eventually (in a friendship way). I found out she’s probably bi. EVERYDAY she wears something with rainbows on it. And sometimes she wears nail polish in the bi colours blue, pink, purple. So yeah that’s why I think she’s bi. (I’m bi too, I already know that) And maybe that was the thing that made me overthink and wonder if I had a little crush on her. And today in P.E we were playing volleyball and she was on the opposite team and I think one time when I looked at her there were a few butterflies in my stomach, but not many... I was shocked when I felt the butterflies. So now I don’t know what this is and what i should do. I definitely had a crush on a girl once but she was straight. This girl now is atleast bi. So I would have a Chance. That’s good to know. But now I just want to know what my feelings try to tell me!!!!
501 days ago
@hai I got the same thing! Rudeeeee
568 days ago
How rude. I'm not confused about my sexuality
587 days ago
I got mini girl crush. I'm low key confused. There's this girl who's older than me and I couldn't tell if i had some girl crush on her or if I had a small crush on her. I've never really thought of myself as bi. I'm more on the hetero side so I'm just overthinking way too much. I've had a dream where I kissed her but i don't want to kiss her in real life. She is pretty and all and I used to get shy around her but now it's more chill. So help because I don't know much about this whole thing.
762 days ago
Kissed a girl- This one's tricky. It seems like a normal mini girl crush, but with a little extra spark. Maybe you just really, really, look up to her. Or maybe you are confused about your sexuality.

i am a little confused. i think im queer xD good quiz
778 days ago
So... I only met her a few weeks ago and we sit next to each other but we haven't really talked apart from to say hello. And I'm demisexual so I'm still not sure what a crush feels like??? But I know I'm bi and she's really pretty and I love her smile.
907 days ago
Sooo here's the situation. I've watched multiple videos and pride edits and they all really speak to me. I would love the idea of being part of that community. However, sometimes, I feel so weird when thinking that I might be gay and it makes me uncomfortable. I've never really thought about girls much, sure there have been times when I was questioning my sexuality, but I thought that was over now. Now there's this girl and we've known each other quite a while now. But somehow she makes me excited and I can't stop thinking about her. I was brought up thinking that being gay or any member of the LGBTQ+ family is wrong. So coming out to my parents or my family would be something that scares the heck out of me. I would desperately try to keep that relationship secret and eventually, it would make me super unhappy. On the other side, I really want to explore that part of me that may be gay. But I don't even know if that girl is just being super nice or if she actually likes me in a way that goes beyond friendship. I really don't know and I wish I could speak to my future self right now, but I guess I just have to figure it out myself.

PS: I can't really talk to anyone about this. My friends are all super supportive, but once I bring up the thought that I might be gay, my friends will probably forever think that I am and that I don't wanna admit it. I would only talk to them if I'm 100% sure and I don't think that I'll ever be. So what am I supposed to do? Oh boy, why does this have to be so complicated...
925 days ago
I've tried loads of tests and I liek this girl i think. The probl, I dont know if im gay or bi: Leme explain, I had 1 crush in fifth or sixth grade elementary (im 13 now) who's been a boy, but i've been jealous to someone once but not jealous for the guy. When I was in third grade elementary, I've told a girl I liked her (we were almost bffs) but then i told her it was a joke and she prbl forgot it forever. Another crush i had did'nt have a ''spark'' so idk if this is a crush but it think so...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME«111
1055 days ago
I got gay pride! I know that the girl i like is straight tho so life is great..... oh wellllll 🏳️‍🌈
1237 days ago
Ugh I know that I’m lesbian and I have a crush on my friend whom I know is 100% straight , she’s told me like 3 times that she’s not bi (I wasn’t even asking lol) but yeah life 😻rn cause I have no chance with her
1294 days ago
Great! I love my life! I got “this is something stronger” and I am bi! Yay....annnndddd she’s my best friend annnnnndddd my mother is super against gays. Soo yay I just love my life!
1313 days ago
I wrote in my diary that I liked a girl last year as a crush, and my mom read it and thinks i'm gay. I'm not, im straight. Now i think it's just a girl crush, cause i'm just jealous of her and want to be her, not be romantic with her. How do i convince my mom im not gay???
1337 days ago
1375 days ago
i got gay pride, im bisexual. also y are ppl talking about yandere simulator lol, its a fun game though
1408 days ago
OMG...I'm CRAZY for a girl and I mean it. I'm like a yandere. She's bi but I can't talk to her. I never liked any boys.... Also I love yandere simulator too :D
1443 days ago
Am lesbian and I may have a crush on a girl in the yandere simulator game. I actually have more crushes on girls than boys. Lol!
1461 days ago
Im so confused about my sexuality...

I think i may be bi
1462 days ago
I'm bi and I got a bad💗crush on this girl. She's pan. We're talking but not yet dating.
1525 days ago
Im bi and i have this huge honkin crush on this girl and i know its a crush but this was still a really fun quiz. 💗
1571 days ago
I’m confused on my gender and sexuality yet I like girls and boys and I don’t even know who I am. I wish I could figure myself out.