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How Lesbian Am I? Quiz

If you're a female, there's a chance you might be at least a little bit lesbian. (Cue all the guys joking about being 'lesbians in male bodies,' haha!) Doubtful? Take my test! You might be more of a lesbian than you think! Or you might not be one at all. Find out now!

  • 1
    You see a hot girl. She has giant boobs. You:
    You see a hot girl. She has giant boobs. You:
  • 2
    Imagine you are in a small shop. You are the only person there, except the one hot female staff member. You:
  • 3
    Have you ever kissed a girl?

  • 4
    It's a dark night around midnight. You see a girl making out with a guy against a wall. You:
  • 5
    You are trying on clothes in a shop. An attractive male employee comes into your changing room and takes off his shirt. He has a six-pack. You:
  • 6
    You are camping. You see a good-looking girl at the campsite filling a few bottles of water at the tap. You:

  • 7
    You are at a friend's house. Her big brother smiles at you, then asks you to "help him in the kitchen." When you are there together, he makes a move. You say:
  • 8
    A pretty girl blows a kiss at you. You:
  • 9
    Have you had sex with a girl?
  • 10
    Which feature of a girl do you like best?

  • 11
    You are at a fast-food restaurant. You leave to go to the restroom, where you see a female cleaner sweeping the floor. You go in, and just before you lock your cubicle, the cleaner, who has followed you, bursts in and unbuttons her shirt. Her bra is black and lacy. She says, "Shall I take it off?" You answer:
  • 12
    It's late on a Saturday night. You see a pretty girl - who's covered in blood. Some guy has punched her a couple of times. You take her to your house to make sure she's OK. You go get her a glass of water, and when you come back, she is completely naked with some of your sex toys on your bed. She comes up and presses her boobs against you and starts rubbing herself against you. You:

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178 days ago
✌️😗, you need to make sure you have accepting parents. Say that you met a person who is in the lgbtq community at an extracurricular activity and see what they think. That will give you an idea of weather it’s safe for you to come out. If they are cool with it and you are ready, come out. If you don’t want to say it to their faces, text them while at a friend’s house. I hope this helps you. You should also know that you never have to come out if you don’t want to. Good luck!
188 days ago
Okay so I would have🌻and date a girl and am usually very attracted to girls however on a rare occasion I may think about🌻with a dude.
212 days ago
*sigh* I love girls... ❤
286 days ago
i think i'm a lesbian

im legit the opposite of a pick me girl. I cannot talk to boys but i can to girls and i always say "boys are gross" etc. I do find girls attractive but sometimes i find guys attractive, but i feel like i cant date one of them
309 days ago
I would say Im lesbian but I might be bisexual I like girls alot but I feel like I don't like boys enough to be bi, or to little to be lesbian. what do I do?????? I might be a biromantic lesbian (that is a thing, you can look it up) but but if I want to have🚔with a boy???? idk and I'm freaking out over here help pls!!!!! also I have a little bro that is 6, how DO I EXPLAIN MY SEXUALITY IF IM NOT GAY ALSO KINDA TRIED TO COME OUT TO MY OLDER SIS AND IT WAS AT NIGHT I PEEKED MY HEAD AROUND THE DOOR AND SAID REALLY FAST KINDA QUIET HEY IM BISEXUAL GOOGLE IIIIIIIIIT BUT SHE HASN"T BROUGHT IT UP YET SO I DONT THINK SHE HEARD ME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK
312 days ago
Anyone who has come out to their family, please can they tell me how?
334 days ago
It says I'm bi- I'm a lesbian- just bc I said I didn't want to have 🥵🔥 with a gurl I just met doesn't mean I'm not lesbian bruh-
374 days ago
It said I’m bi I’m a 🕊 lesbian
378 days ago
Just because I don't want to have🚔with a girl I JUST MET doesn't mean I'm bi or attracted to guys.... I'm ace
378 days ago
Just because I don't want to have💗with a girl I JUST MET doesn't mean I'm bi or attracted to guys.... I'm ace
410 days ago
This quiz is less about sexuality than it is about inappropriate social behaviours. People bursting in in the toilet and taking their undies off, is creepy regardless of gender. That scews the answers given because most of them the "no" option is the safest practical answer in that situation. That's not straight that's survival!
413 days ago
HOW DO I COME OUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
423 days ago
It says im bi on another but im a strait as a pole
443 days ago
im like 98% lesbian, but it says im bisexual.
no no no no
thinking about being with a guy repulses me
im not trying to be offensive by the way
just sharing my feelings
454 days ago
My result said im mostly attracted to guys, IM LESBIAN!!!!!!!
468 days ago
lmao I'm the only girl at my school without straight hair 👁💧👄💧👁
477 days ago
i got bi meh idc im happy either way
479 days ago
😍 I'm lesbian as hell i like girls so bad aa
482 days ago
I got 100 percent strat
482 days ago
i got bi but im a lesbian