Am I A Lesbian? (GIRLS ONLY!)

Hey girls! Ever find yourself feeling attracted to other girls? Do you feel absolutely nothing while in the company of boys? Do you feel like rolling your eyes when you see straight couples being all lovey-dovey? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be a lesbian! Try this quiz now and find out if you are!

  • 1
    You see a woman with huge boobs bend over to pick up her dropped pencil. You:
  • 2
    You're hanging out at a bar when a super sexy woman walks up to you and tells you she needs a ride home. When you get in the car, she rips off her shirt, revealing a VERY small leopard print bra. You:
  • 3
    A pretty girl asks you out. You say:

  • 4
    A hot guy asks you to go out with him. You tell him:
  • 5
    You are stuck in an elevator with a hot girl. You:
  • 6
    An obviously drunk girl strips right in front of you and initiates a makeout session with you. You:

  • 7
    Who's hottest?
  • 8
    Guy or girl?
  • 9
    Girls are:
    Girls are:
  • 10
    Your fantasies include:

  • 11
    You are offered $1,000 to have sex with a woman. You say:
  • 12
    Your girl best friend admits she's in love with you and tries to make out with you. You:
  • 13
    Favorite singer?
  • 14
    Favorite of these color groups?
  • 15
    Sexiest thing about people?
  • 16
    A guy walks over and invites you to come back to his place. You tell him:

Comments (52)


21 days ago
I agree!!! Like bisexual isn’t half straight and half gay, its a whole identity of it’s own! Sick of biphobia😒
112 days ago
141 days ago
Are we going to ignore the biphobia in the bi answer?? "Often, all it takes is one little push to become straight or lesbian - the choice is yours!" Its not a mf phase omg
177 days ago
I knew I wasn’t straight when I had my first crush, it was on a girl a few years ago, me lesbian
358 days ago
@Chicken Strips
Me too im 11 and lesbian i have not told anyone yet
361 days ago
@A kidge fanatic, then you're bi, or pans
364 days ago
I’m lesbian yet I have a crush on a boy lol
371 days ago
I’m lesbian..... Idk if I’m happy or not
522 days ago
719 days ago
im 100% lesbian no regrets
727 days ago
Ldshadowlady/Lizzie (77272) 394 days ago
it's says I'm lesbian but Joel just proposed to me -_-
It is not the real one he proposed like months ago
802 days ago
I'm straight! But it's okay to be gay or lesbian you can be whatever you want to be dont let ANYBODY stop you of what you want to be!
804 days ago
Says I am bisexual and most of the questions I answered girls guess i like girls more than guys
816 days ago
i knew i was lesbian..
862 days ago
I know I am Bi but I think I like girls more so like 70% girls and 30% guys.
926 days ago
Ugh idk if I like my bff or not and if I tell her I'm scared we won't be friends. Knowing I'm only 11 and I know I'm bi. Idek if she likes girls all her fantasies are about guys and she always gets upset when I date a new guy. I just don't want to loose her. Either way I'm going to talk to my lesbian friend she'll understand I hope
972 days ago
I knew I was lesbian from the start... I have a crush and my best friend and told her (because she’s bi or lesbian, she’s still confused) and she rejected me by saying we’re still friends and her going off about some girl she thinks is cute right after ;-;
981 days ago
I already knew I was lesbian
987 days ago
Uh.. I'm lesbian but I have a crush..girl and boy 😂 Idk which one I love more but I don't like boys..anyway girl broke my heart so I choose to be normal girl I like boy now..😏
1003 days ago
ldshadowlady?! oºo did u accept the proposal??