Lesbian Quiz (Day Scenario)

Is it a great day to be a lesbian? Find out now! This test features daytime scenarios that might happen to a lesbian, and can help you get more evidence that you are one (or maybe that you're not). Choose the answers that sound right in your case & determine what you are!

  • 1/15
    You are allowed a friend over for the day while no one else is home. You choose:

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10 days ago
Lmao I have a wife
51 days ago
I am full on lesbian but I'm engaged to a man and I'm going to get married have kids and pretend to be straight good bye
68 days ago
hmhmhmhmhmmhmhmhmhmmmmm so lesbian or bi e idk which one i am
85 days ago
Apparently I'm straight but I'm definitely not I'm just a teenager and don't like the thought of 🌻 right now (you know what I mean) im pansexual
137 days ago
I am lesbian yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
144 days ago
Hello, my fellow lesbians!
157 days ago
hello fellow bisexual beans *does finger guns*
167 days ago
you danm right i like girls
173 days ago
Gays.................................... ...........................
185 days ago
This escalated fast...

OK so that was a little weird , I didn't like how they put in all that inappropriate
205 days ago
Hello fellow LGBTQ+ community😂
209 days ago
WHY did i get tured on by this sooo bad
211 days ago
212 days ago
yes ask her out @hi
237 days ago
@HI you should try to hint that you want her and if she is positive, you ask her out.
242 days ago
Ok so I have a huge crush on my bestie (a girl) she hasn’t come out as anything but she has talked about a girl once and then once she asked me if I wanted to pretend make out on Omegle so I agreed of course and then she bit my ear and the next day she asked the same thing but it was in public and she knows I like her....what should I do?
245 days ago
Snazzy pinaaple go for it girl!! I support you!tell her I bet she loves you and is dying for you to ask her out!! I was literally in the same situation but as the role of your crush I now we are together and it’s great and I love her more than anything else in the world. Go for it, tell her, be brave 🏳️‍🌈 be you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Love yall bye
351 days ago
&SnazzyPineapple I think she might be hinting. Though I don’t know for sure, I think she’s kind of nervous and waiting for you to make the first move. She seems a bit shy. I would suggest asking her to hang out or something and bringing it up. If she likes you, great! If not, ask if you can still be friends.
351 days ago
Okay, so. I'm in a situation where, I have a crush (female). She knows I like her and I know she has a crush, not sure which gender though since she's bi. We do truth or dare a lot and all of the clues she has given me about her crush are correct with me if that's the right way to say it. That's basically it but tell me what you would do in my situation because I actually don't know what to do. 😁
366 days ago
So umm may be a Lesbian for my best friend. I'm still not fully out to my family and I am so scared because I tried telling my brother and he just started to tease me. Im so frickin scared.