Lesbian Quiz (Day Scenario)

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Is it a great day to be a lesbian? Find out now! This test features daytime scenarios that might happen to a lesbian, and can help you get more evidence that you are one (or maybe that you're not). Choose the answers that sound right in your case & determine what you are!

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    You are allowed a friend over for the day while no one else is home. You choose:

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41 days ago
&SnazzyPineapple I think she might be hinting. Though I don’t know for sure, I think she’s kind of nervous and waiting for you to make the first move. She seems a bit shy. I would suggest asking her to hang out or something and bringing it up. If she likes you, great! If not, ask if you can still be friends.
42 days ago
Okay, so. I'm in a situation where, I have a crush (female). She knows I like her and I know she has a crush, not sure which gender though since she's bi. We do truth or dare a lot and all of the clues she has given me about her crush are correct with me if that's the right way to say it. That's basically it but tell me what you would do in my situation because I actually don't know what to do. 😁
56 days ago
So umm may be a Lesbian for my best friend. I'm still not fully out to my family and I am so scared because I tried telling my brother and he just started to tease me. Im so frickin scared.
96 days ago
Wait or is it Elaina? That’s all I really got
97 days ago
Elle Morgan? You there
100 days ago
Okay is it elliana? oh wait that has a n wait does your name only have half of Ella then the rest is I or is there more?
100 days ago
I don’t understand the hint 😅 Elle is half of it and there a I in it so 🤔 hmm that’s a pretty hard one
100 days ago
Hmmm 🤔 that’s pretty hard how much leets are in it?
100 days ago
Lol that’s my name too no lie and np mo is just my nickname
100 days ago
Morgan is my real last name tho
100 days ago
I’ll give a hint Elle is only half my first name and my full name is i letters nothing but letters
100 days ago
Oh and Mo(44819) Ella isn’t my real name and Elle isn’t my real name either so yea if u can guess my real name then u r a genius like Albert Einstein
100 days ago
Thx Mo I came back to this quiz to see if anyone had answered thank u Mo(44819) thank u for all ur support
104 days ago
It’s fine to do it Ella and it’s not rude like you said to Tina you do you
111 days ago
Well it’s not like I had one any
111 days ago
Aaaaaaashhhhhhh iiimmm llooosssiinngg my miiiiinnd
111 days ago
Is it rude to be straight and support pride or is it fine
111 days ago
Some people say if you’re straight then either you are apart of pride or it would be rude because not everyone accepts pride people but I do but I’m just straight please help
111 days ago
Oh I need help can you be straight and still support pride 🌈🏳️‍🌈
111 days ago
Tina this maybe too late but you do you girl