Lesbian Scenario Quiz

Have you been feeling confused about your sexuality? Want to know more? Take this quiz featuring quite a few real life-based lesbian scenarios and I just know you'll find out who you really are! Are you ready? Go! If you have friends who are like you, please share my quiz with them!

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    Your best friend comes over to your house and says she's a lesbian and has a crush on you. You:
    Your best friend comes over to your house and says she's a lesbian and has a crush on you. You:

Comments (89)


38 days ago
100% lesbian!! yess 🏳️‍🌈
42 days ago
It would be so much better if homophobes where actually afraid of gay people, (phobia means fear) like image a homophobe saw a gay couple and just went "AAAA!"😂
62 days ago
"Why did you take this quiz?"
Uh, for fun
71 days ago
Im lesbian im actually happy because there is this hot girl..
138 days ago
90% lesbian woohoo!
143 days ago
@🏳️‍🌈 I have the same problem lol idk what to do
144 days ago
I am lesbian and I'm proud of it! UwU
146 days ago
I hate homaphobics they mean
153 days ago
I'm lesbian 👭
167 days ago
I'm actually bi, more on the guys side, but if a girl wanted to have s(e)x with me I will so that why I got lesbian
169 days ago
alright i know im hella gay but when you answer realistically and say that you're unsure that doesnt make you less gay. gay aces are still hella gay
175 days ago
I am nonbinary and like girls!! this was pretty good
176 days ago
I'm 100% lesbian and proud but I took this other quiz awhile a go and it said...

... YOUR GAY!!!! Quick go to the hospital because your mentally ill.

What is up with Homophobic people!!
196 days ago
Yup im gay but if my mom finds out ima have to find my own place
212 days ago
Well i got a hundred percent and if my mom finds out god knows what she do i think shes a homophobic
222 days ago
yep I am gay and if my parents find out they will kick me out :(
227 days ago
I'm omnisexual (it's like pan, but not genderblind) and I really like this boy. He knows and he rejected me like ages ago but I still like him. What do I do, because I'm starting to like his best friend (girl) aswell...
227 days ago
@blqnk yup! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
243 days ago
same lgtbq+ forever
245 days ago
I take this to get turned on. Say if you do the same XD 🏳️‍🌈 lgbtq+ 4ever yayayayayaya