Am I A Lesbian? (Girls Only, Please)

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It's not at all unusual to wonder about your sexuality - especially at a young age when you haven't had many, or maybe any, partners. So please don't feel bad if you want to take this test, which could help you learn your true sexuality. There's no shame in being who you really are. Good luck!

  • 1
    Which sex do you mostly find yourself attracted to?
  • 2
    Why are you taking this test?
    Why are you taking this test?
  • 3
    Do you ever see a beautiful girl and get fluttery feelings in your chest and can't stop staring at her?

  • 4
    What do you think you'll get for a result?
  • 5
    Do you ever want to hold, kiss, make love, marry, protect, make yours, or anything else to a girl you would not do to a boy?
  • 6
    Do you ever find yourself wanting to do sexual things to a girl?

  • 7
    Your best girl friend, who is very attractive and whom you're really close with, confesses she's a lesbian and she loves you. You feel:
  • 8
    Do you worry about how a girl you're attracted to feels about you?
  • 9
    Do you feel happy when you find out other girls are lesbian (like you)?
  • 10
    Do you love the rainbow?

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14 hours ago
I am taking these tests but like I can't admit to myself so they don't help because I'm lying to myself while taking them so I get straight. And I am aware that I am doing this but I just cant admit to myself.
14 hours ago
Yeah so like, im questioning myself, I think i'm Bi, but my older sister is straight and everytime i bring it up and stuff she kinda is like she wants nothing to do with that stuff so im like *-*. but my parents tell me they don't care what I am they will love my no matter what...but after they say that they ask me,'but your not lesbian or something...right!?!' and it ticks me off. -_- I haven't told them yet because I not for sure myself. Maybe it just a fase! yeah i will stick with that..
14 hours ago
Well joe, you shouldn’t feel the need to come out because you shouldn’t be forced. Whatever you choose to do with your sexuality is your choice. You should take your time and come out when you’re ready. But honestly you shouldn’t let your age define who you are. Sure you are very young but letting fear get in the way of what you want to get off your chest, with that said good luck. It’s your choice. WE STICK TOGETHER
21 hours ago
I got lesbian but I’m gonna take more tests to be sure!
I’m scared, do I have to come out. I’m 12
Y’all aren’t smart talking to be proud
Oh cool! In 15 and find out I les at 14 and I luv how u is supporting ppl that is unsure of they sexuality
Oh I am 17 and I found out I was bisexual at 13 if you were wondering. I am also just reading comment because I have nothing better to do! 😑
Awh di s is so
Cute. Y’all out here supporting and I’m just reading y’all’s comments XD btw Dianne how old r u
No problem Lilly, I’m happy you found the heart of my comment and I hope that your mother understands the pressure of the things your going through. I remember the time I found out I was bisexual I was so happy but horrified because sometimes when you find out your sexually you immediately start thinking about what OTHERS will think. That is a mistake you should think about what YOU want and what you will do. I can’t walk through this screen and give you a hug and tell you that your mother is gonna through you a party and celebrate you when you tell her. But I can give you all the support through this screen. I’m not saying that she isn’t going to accept you because I don’t know. But what I’d do know is that you are her daughter and whatever will happen she will still always love you. Because that’s what mother do. Goodluck! WE STICK TOGETHER!
Hi Dianne heh
I just read your comment and just found out I’m a lesbian. At first I was honestly terrified of what my mother would say. I can’t imagine telling my mother that her “perfect” and “pure” 16 year old daughter is lesbian...she would freak. She wouldn’t even go to her lesbians sisters wedding, so the fact of me telling her my sexuality gives me goosebumps. Now I relies I’m not alone and that there are a million of other people who can help me and give me advice. But this comment hit me...this comment boost me up. Just like that felling you were talking about..I now understand it. Thank you. WE STICK TOGETHER!
Hey...whoever is reading...did that one small part of you feel unsure or even mad or scared that someone wouldn’t accept you because of your sexuality? Well guess what you should feel that way. Y ou can try and try to push that feeling away but what ever you do and wherever you go it will always be with you. The reason for that is because that part is the part of you that some people might hate you for and that’s okay! There is nobody in this world that won’t be hated for whatever reason because nobody is perfect! That part of you I’m talking about makes you stronger! It will help you rise to your full potential. You will have ups and downs but that tiny part of you, your heart will never leave your side. And it could be about your sexuality that you break down and come up stronger or it could be that you simply don’t have the best confidence. But whatever it is just know that your fellow bisexuals and lesbians and pan sexuals and asexuals and all of the others are here for YOU! WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER!
3 days ago
yasss im a lesbian still gonna take more tests
4 days ago
I am Lesbian and could not be more proud!
4 days ago
I got BI and I am so happy and proud I was very confused on what sexuality I was and to get BI was amazing
5 days ago
I was confused if I was Pan or Lesbian I have a crush on a girl and do not have a crush on any boy so I don't know but it said I was Lesbian
5 days ago
It was fun taking this quiz,i know im a lesbian
5 days ago
I am lesbian AND IM PROUD!
5 days ago
Also a lesbian and i ment proud....
5 days ago
Well im actually a polysexual but i was wondering to see if i was bisexual or just a lesbian and im round to be me! Also if yall wondering im bisexual asexual and it sums up to polysexual!😁👌