Are you lesbian?

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Think you're lesbian?
Answer the questions below 100% truthfully, and you will find out!:)

  • 1
    Do you find yourself looking at girls more than guys?
  • 2
    Do you find yourself thinking and having fantasies about guys or girls more?
  • 3
    If you have ever been in a relationship with a girl and a guy which did you prefer? If you haven't which do you think you would prefer?

  • 4
    Do you find yourself having dreams about girls or guys more?
  • 5
    When your straight friends talk about guys that they like or are dating, how do you feel?
  • 6
    Who do you feel you want to impress?

  • 7
    Do you feel awkward in relationships with guys? If you have never had one, how do you think you would feel?
  • 8
    If you had a girl that you were attracted to and liked you and a guy that you thought was attractive and liked you, in front of you, who would you date?
  • 9
    When girls say they are lesbian how do you feel?
  • 10
    Which gender do you personally think you are attracted to?

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266 days ago
Sorry for some reason it went weird when I said 3 sum
266 days ago
I am gay. I hat men and women are just 👌cheffs kiss. I do not like the amount of stories including 😍s or cousins!!! Can it be normal relationships? More scinario ones tho but normal relationships pleasesssse. Yeah love your tests but stop with the weird relationships!!!! I love the ones that turn you on. Please stop with the 😍s and cousins please just be normal
435 days ago
I am a lesbian and I have a crush on a girl in my school and she always smiles at me and she has an undercut but I dont know if she likes girls help
440 days ago
Chosse which one you think is better or choose who would treat you better if u can’t chosse just date on of them and if u don’t like them date the other sorry if that wasn’t good advice
445 days ago
I have huge crushes on my two best friends one guy one girl, what do I do?
1127 days ago
Probably lesbian or bi, but I think I like girls way more. I'm 15 and not dating anyone. (I have a crush on a girl but I would never tell her, I mean I can't even talk to her normally. It's like I run away from her all day) :D
1262 days ago
I am a Lesbian. Proud and loud.
1297 days ago
Yay! I got I'm in the L part of the LGBTQ....Always am proud of myself and waiting for my Queen...But if anyone has got others in LGBTQ congrats!!♡
Little gay heart!🌈😻💗
1496 days ago
I came out as bisexual but I kinda think I'm a lesbian I'm so confused
1527 days ago
I'm lesbian!
I'm 14, and dating a girl.
I'm the L, she's apparently the B, but I came out as Bisexual so idk how I can come out as lesbian now because I've already come out as bi ._.
Anyways, all you beautiful ppl should follow your hearts and date the gender you love more! If your bi, keep testing until you find the perfect one! Have a great day/night everyone!