Am I a Lesbian? (♀)

Are you occasionally, often or always attracted to other women? Do you currently identify as straight, but wonder if you might be a lesbian?

I created this test to help women find their true sexuality. Answers are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate for everyone.

  • 1/15
    Have you ever kissed another woman?

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8 days ago
i am a lesbian and lov the buttoc
14 days ago
i really like the comment ema left she is right all of us need let go our fear
14 days ago
i think im lesibian but im scared to show i hope all of us get over our fear i love reading your guys coments it makes me feel happy inside have a nice day every one
48 days ago
I am fully lesbian but I am so scared to come out to my parents!😥😥
66 days ago
I got lesbian and I really want to come out to my family but idk how.
124 days ago
I copy and pasted it to my bestfriend idk wht is her answer so far
185 days ago
I have been working on coming out. I am dating a guy though and I don't want to hurt him. He is like a brother to me. I am in a relationship with my best friend as she is bisexual. But I feel bad cheating on him and while he isn't homophobic my family is. PLS HELP!!!
266 days ago
I got lesbian i'm currently dating a man and it also explains why I don't feel attacked to him in any type of way and I feel really unhappy and uncomfortable around him.
342 days ago
I thought I was pansexual when I first questioned my sexuality, after of course assuming I was straight, but a few months ago I've been questioning again and this quiz really helped me. I'm now much happier with my label as a lesbian, thank you :) ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
368 days ago
I’m still questioning myself
373 days ago
I'm a fully lesbian,,,that's good
390 days ago
I’m lesbian 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🏳️‍🌈
411 days ago
I got lesbian❤❤❤
414 days ago
419 days ago
Got lesbian❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
423 days ago
got bi
426 days ago
Hi the girl that commeted tell her how you feel she probably likes you back and is just scared.
430 days ago
Well, I told my best friend that I was pan and she just ignored me. I've liked her for almost two years, but I think she just thinks it's a joke.... Pls how do I get her to understand that I REALLY like her??!!
436 days ago
Me? well I got bisexual I'm proud but I like girls better they're soooo pretty...
456 days ago i took the lesbian test and i got fully lesbian 3 weeks ago me and my bff were having a sleepover so i went to change in the closet to pj when i was almost done she came to the closet and hug me and kisses me almost to my mouth which feel butterfly and she push me on the floor and kisses me on the mouth it wierd but i loked her for 5 year straight is therw any advice to confess her?? Plz