Am I a Lesbian? (♀)

Are you occasionally, often or always attracted to other women? Do you currently identify as straight, but wonder if you might be a lesbian?

I created this test to help women find their true sexuality. Answers are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate for everyone.

  • 1/15
    Have you ever kissed another woman?

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203 days ago
I'm lesbian but it is hard to find other lesbian girls.
278 days ago
I’m aegosexual and ambimorus and I think I like my best friend but she’s lesbian and in a relationship w their partner.
338 days ago
LMAO its not because i don't want to get women in my bed or touch their chest l that i'm not a lesbian...
373 days ago
plese comment if you agree or disagree
373 days ago
i just wanted to say:
sexuality does not define you. Gods love defines you. he made you female, and he does not make mistakes. if you are feeling insicure in who you are, i would incourage you to just stop and remember who you are and whose you are: you are the daughter of the most high king. he loves you and he has a pourpose for you.
434 days ago
This is a pretty good quiz, but it didn't clear anything up for me. The "does this image arouse you"/sexual questions were... awkward. Sometimes I'll see someone and think they're attractive, but I'm not inclined to fall into bed with them. I'm pretty sure I'm asexual, but I was looking for a straight answer as to whether I'm biromantic or only romantically attracted to girls and I didn't get one. I've always pictured myself marrying a woman, though. Maybe I'm a lesbian after all.

Going to try some other quizzes and see if I can clear things up.
439 days ago
i gues im lesbian tooo
445 days ago
I'm lesbian who else is lesbian
450 days ago
on question five I almost cried because I feel so bad that I had to pick breasts omg ahhh I notice their smile second so I almost picked that
452 days ago
Alright, my mom doesn't support but my twin and dad do and thats all that matters, my mom still loves me anyway. I am dating a happy girl and im proud to be me and so should you!
464 days ago
i am a lesbian and lov the buttoc
469 days ago
i really like the comment ema left she is right all of us need let go our fear
469 days ago
i think im lesibian but im scared to show i hope all of us get over our fear i love reading your guys coments it makes me feel happy inside have a nice day every one
503 days ago
I am fully lesbian but I am so scared to come out to my parents!😥😥
522 days ago
I got lesbian and I really want to come out to my family but idk how.
579 days ago
I copy and pasted it to my bestfriend idk wht is her answer so far
640 days ago
I have been working on coming out. I am dating a guy though and I don't want to hurt him. He is like a brother to me. I am in a relationship with my best friend as she is bisexual. But I feel bad cheating on him and while he isn't homophobic my family is. PLS HELP!!!
722 days ago
I got lesbian i'm currently dating a man and it also explains why I don't feel attacked to him in any type of way and I feel really unhappy and uncomfortable around him.
798 days ago
I thought I was pansexual when I first questioned my sexuality, after of course assuming I was straight, but a few months ago I've been questioning again and this quiz really helped me. I'm now much happier with my label as a lesbian, thank you :) ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
824 days ago
I’m still questioning myself