Lesbian Scenario Quiz

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Hey there, girls, have you been thinking about other girls in a warm - or even a HOT - way lately? Find out if you're REALLY a lesbian, or if you'd never actually act upon your fantasies in real life. Check out this lesbian quiz and consider its many delightful scenarios.

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    You're at school, working on a project with this cute new girl. She asks if you want to hang out after school at her house while no one else is home, and spend the night. What do you say?
    You're at school, working on a project with this cute new girl. She asks if you want to hang out after school at her house while no one else is h

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12 hours ago
so im pan, and i ,et this girl named juliet, but she goes by jules, and she is really cute. the second I met her, I was like, omg she is so cute and hot and pretty. and then we started talking and shes really nice and funny and...OMG IM TOTTALLY IN LOVE! ive has small crushes on a few girls before, lots of boys, and once someone gender fluid, but Ive only ever dated guys. Ive always kind of knew i wasnt.... straight, but I really wanna kiss a girl. Anyway, Im almopst fully out, all of my fam knows, and all of my friends know, but a lot of the people at my school dont, But onlu because im in my last year of elementary,so almost no one really knows or talks about this stuff. Anyway, Im really crushing on thios girl, and the other day, I told her I was bi, and shes pretty tomboy-ey so I told her because.... I thought maybe she was les or soething, and i did want her to kno, bnut i Was kinda hoping she owuld come out back. She told me she thought she might be bi, and I was like omg what if shes telling me this beacuse she likes me back!!! and then the other day, we were playing Roblox, and my friend joined, and was like ALICE JOIN THE VID CHAT! (hes in my class) and then he left, and I didnt kniw, and i thought I was private chatting him, and so i said im trying to play with my crush AND JULIET SAW! so I left imediatly, and juliet didnt show up that night! then a few days later, We were talking, and she said she ws going on vacation for a whole` month and i wouldnt see her till she got back. I was really sad, and I was like OMG ILL MISS U SO MUUCHHH. and then she was like me toooooo. and we werw both really sad, but we agreed to text. we were in the parking lot, heading to our cars, cuz practice was over. then she blew an air kiss! do you think she likes me? im confused and need help!
20 hours ago
This situation just went too far.. we just met
2 days ago
That one cute kid at karate, well he looks like one of my cousins friends who has a gf, he looks exactly like him, so ye.
4 days ago
@half-closeted queer do like doing it(or being a thing) with a girl or a boy?
7 days ago
Wow this really made me blush so hard ive never saw anything like this, im bi not exackly lesbian but its cool tho XD
8 days ago
my parents think me being a lesbian is just a phase ( yea a 4-5 year phase ) so they would never think I would do this stuff with a girl so I would be allowed to go to the sleep-over then they would never even know and I think that's insane that they don't know their daughter would've had🚔at a sleepover because it was a girl. Like JUST because it's a girl. If I had a sleepover with a boy I would barely get close to him and they think I would have🚔with him. Then vise-versa with a girl. But like, c'mon, they're just so... ✨girls
9 days ago
And the name has been changed.
9 days ago
Ah. Time to change my name. From now on i will be known as queer frog :D
9 days ago
@me I can only imagine. o_o
9 days ago
So it's kinda awkward at school
9 days ago
@Bi??????? Or am i ? I know lol. My ex already knows that I like him and everyone else doesn't know I like them.
9 days ago
@Me thats uh. Thats a lot of people to like.
10 days ago
1. I didn't mean to put the @ sign last time
2. I didn't !Dan to put that twice
10 days ago
@Bi??????? Or am i? Yeah..I'm kinda embarrassed bc he has a gf, I also have a crush on my bff who's house I went to the 17th of January, and I have a crush on my ex as well, last one, th eres this one really cute boy at karate who I don't even know the name of.
12 days ago
I wish I could hold the girl I like. Like it honestly makes me sad that I can't feel her warmth next to me. That I can't hug her when I'm upset or need someone. I want to kiss her stupid cute face. I want to see her smile when she sees me. I haven't seen her in person since last march and it's killing me. I want to take her on a date so we can watch the stars together. I want to tell her how much I love her and want her to be mine. It's so stressful to know that she doesn't like me that way. Maybe she will someday. I just want to spend the rest of my life with her and never let her go. She's the love of my life and she doesn't even realize. She brings joy to me. Makes my face red just to think about her. What I would do just to see her running towards me and latch onto me. Tell her all my corny pick up lines and see her laugh at how cheesy i am. Listen to our favorite songs together and dance like no one is watching. To be able to cook her breakfast. Wake up and see her laying next to me. I am so in love with her it makes me want to cry.
13 days ago
I like this one girl I used to be friends with, I think about her a lot.
I also like this girl I saw at school once; I saw her in two scenarios and the second time there was either a vibe or I imagined it. I don't know the second girl's name, I just know we're in the same school and I hope I see her again and maybe be friends or more.
Lastly, one time I got high with my best friend and I really exhibited lesbian energy on her like holding her and 💗 and she returned the energy.
The thing is I don't like my best friend like that and I want to tell her about the other two girls but I'm afraid I may have led her on but I love her too much to break her heart.
Also, I'm still in the closet, even to myself.
14 days ago
@anyone LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Imagine. Guys don't even pay attention to me. But I don't mind. Sigh I wish my best friend would love me in the way I do.
14 days ago
Lol @me & @bi??????? or am I? I don’t know why I find mean guys hot..I guess because if they are nice to me and mean to everyone else I feel more special and/or loved? Idk. But lol a guy was so rude to me but I actually started talking to him and he’s really nice..and really hot!
14 days ago
Idk if I’m either lesbian or bi, like I know I really like girls, but i know this one boy who’s I might, sorta like
15 days ago
@Me hello. so let me get this straight, you have a crush on a mean person.