Lesbian Scenario Quiz

Hey there, girls, have you been thinking about other girls in a warm - or even a HOT - way lately? Find out if you're REALLY a lesbian, or if you'd never actually act upon your fantasies in real life.

Check out this lesbian quiz and consider its many delightful scenarios.

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    You're at school, working on a project with this cute new girl. She asks if you want to hang out after school at her house while no one else is home, and spend the night. What do you say?
    You're at school, working on a project with this cute new girl. She asks if you want to hang out after school at her house while no one else is h

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35 days ago
I am 100% Lesbian. I am absolutely so freaking happy. I'm 15 and a proud happy lesbian
59 days ago
Why was this so fun to answer
76 days ago
This confirms it. I AM A LESBIAN and I am over the moon happy about it. Now I am ready to meet that special person.
91 days ago
I love this quiz it truly turned me on😌
125 days ago
I’m gay and i know it. I just love how these quizzes turn me on
140 days ago
im bi. i already knew that, i just like these quizzes they are soooo hot lol
146 days ago
75% lesbian
25% bi (and this 25% is the love for woman- said me, not the quiz)
Sooo id say 100% lesbian, cuz boys can be amazing bros and friends, but yeaaaa id do none of that stuff with a boy. Girls>>>>>>
Girls are too hot
200 days ago
That girl is going to be eaten out
238 days ago
I got 100% lesbian. Now all I need is someone to find me and 💗 me up. (I'm 18, almost 19)
274 days ago
Yes!I am 100% straight.
318 days ago
I was very surprised at how....descriptive.... this was. Young people take these test, maybe they shouldn't, but they still do
334 days ago
I’m bi but this said I’m straight because I’m demisexual and not interested in this. I was revolted
337 days ago
im probably Gay. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am
342 days ago
I’ve had a realization
I might be lesbian and not realized it cause I was raised thinking I was straight
342 days ago
I had to go back and answer more honestly
I was real turned on
391 days ago
Am I being called bisexual because... I’m more hesitant to have s** with someone for the first time? Because if someone just starting doing that with me for the first time ever I would obviously be a bit hesitant? I’m a lesbian, I don’t like men at all romantically or s**ually, despite the fact that I would rather not have s** with a girl the first time I hang out with her alone. :/
391 days ago
im an ace sapphic actually ☺️ and also yuck if someone just started having s-x with me without like,,, asking me for consent first i would absolutely stop talking to them??? and also i wouldnt go to a sleepover i dont like those things
400 days ago
Why 😘 tho 🤔 ew
415 days ago
I'm a
✨girlflux she/they demisexual demiromantic ambiaramous lesbian✨
it's literally taken 2 years to figure that out lmao
416 days ago
Bi :) Or lesbian is okay. :)