Let's Turn You On! Lesbian Test

A quiz that aims to be a genuinely helpful online way for girls with questions to figure things out - if only just a little. Made especially for those struggling with compulsive heternormativity. All wlw welcome. Take it now and I bet you'll feel better about things soon!

  • 1
    What type of man do you feel you've had a crush on, mostly?
    What type of man do you feel you've had a crush on, mostly?
  • 2
    When you envision a man you could possibly be with long-term, what do you see?
  • 3
    When you think of having sex/being in a relationship with a man, what do you feel?

  • 4
    Give yourself ten seconds. Think of every man you consider attractive that you can. How many did you get?
  • 5
    Now, think of every attractive woman that you can. How many did you get?
  • 6
    Who, in general, do you focus on in (heterosexual) kissing or sex scenes of movies and TV shows?

  • 7
    Do you struggle to relate to heterosexual romances?
  • 8
    Do you ever interpret platonic fondness for a man as a crush?
  • 9
    Do you feel inexplicably happy when seeing gay couples in public?
    Do you feel inexplicably happy when seeing gay couples in public?
  • 10
    Separated from all politics, prejudices, discrimination, etc., does the idea of being with a woman make you feel happy?

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94 days ago
Well I’m not sure if I’m an lesbian because I used to date guys and I used to date a girl on and off because we fell hard for each other well it didn’t last long until I cheated on her with a guy and I felt bad for what I did it’s because it’s confusing I know because I’ve never dated a girl before because it was my first time so now I’m kinda stay straight from now on because she hates me already
269 days ago
hey, unknown! I think that people can change, so I think that you are a lesbian. you said that you don't find men attractive anymore at all?
270 days ago
I cannot figure out if I am Bi or a lesbian. I think I liked a boy when I was ten and maybe a fictional character a while after that. Then I fell in love with a girl. And now I just like fictional girls. I have never kissed anyone so how do I find out?
324 days ago
Ummm wait you said let’s turn you on and it didn’t turn me on
336 days ago
I’m takeing every lesbian and bi quiz i can find right now and so far I’ve gotten a lot of lesbian and bi. I don’t think I am straight at all but just need to find out if I’m bi or lesbian. Probally a lesbian
455 days ago
hello there!

Yes, I am that person.

Fellow jtards, the Acroway sent me here this year.

Hope you all meet me soon!
489 days ago
@hi I have the same issue
574 days ago
hey there,
i just took this test because i had a very very deep talk with a friend today. She is really cool, has a wonderful personality and is open-minded.
I am really confused with my sexuality (i may be lesbian, rn i feel comfortable with this label, but i fell in love with a guy some years ago and im confused.)
but what i wanted to tell you is the chilled attitude my friend has:
she told me she really likes two girls from her class, and she might be lesbian and polyamorous, but in fact she labels herself like this: (i try to reconstruct and translate (from german) what she said)
"i just want my sexuality to be a little part of my daily life, like i tell you "this morning i drunk a cup of coffee" i could tell you "i'm queer". it doesn't matter to me that much, as long as im happy. I'm fine with being confused."

i thought it could help you as long as youre still confused like me.
have a great day be gay
and have a great day be confused or hetero or bi or etc. :)
606 days ago
@Killie The way I did it is if people ask, tell them honestly. Also, I think a good way is to start putting pride stuff subtly into your outfits and just get people to ask questions. It's hard to start a conversation like "Hey yea I'm gay" but I think it's probably much easier to talk about if you're not the one breaking the ice. Also, although this is just a theory, allies may be more likely to recognize the pride items and ask about it. Hope this helps!
624 days ago
Also, for some reason guys are just not appealing but girls are.
624 days ago
I've been questioning if I'm a lesbian or not for a while now and I think I might be [I only feel 1% lesbian though]. When I took this quiz, it said I'm "pretty gay" but I'm actually just a mix of ace, straight, and I'm slightly lesbian because I kind of feel like there's butterflies in my stomach when I see a pretty girl.
624 days ago
Hi I'm a lesbian and don't know how to come out to people.
655 days ago
what the heck is heteronormativity
671 days ago
@GirlInRed Yes Ik how u feel, I am 10, and ive been feeling like that for years now..
678 days ago
It said I was “pretty” gay I’m very surprised it was like really on point ‘cause I’m bicurious
693 days ago
I loved this quiz! And it told me I’m lesbian which I kind of knew but I don’t know how I’m going to come out lol
738 days ago
Dear @LesbianWitch
the last comment was directed to you. i wrote the wrong name.
Are you still here? your last comment a year ago made me cry... of happiness because i finally didnt feel alone.
write to me:)
Girl in red
750 days ago
@Billie eillish fan (59436)

Its almost a year later and I doubt that you will see this... i only found your comment now. I still feel the same way as i did a year ago. I still have enormous problems with my sexuality. I constantly tell myself that i cant be lesbian and i try to find reasons to convince myself im not, like picking a non-ugly guy and telling myself that im crushing on him just because i like him as a friend. (Maybe i really am... but its not the same feeling as when i fell in love with my best girl friend)
I just feel a little lost ❤️ I know deep down that im a lesbian and ive been questioning since im 9 years old.
All my bisexual friends tell me im lesbian too. I dint know what im so scared of
How did you overcome internalised homophobia?
Please help❤️
✨girl in red
753 days ago
It says that I’m pretty gay- I’m confused
767 days ago
it said i am very gay :>