Lesbian Test (Girls Only)

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  • 1
    What gender are you into?
  • 2
    What gender do you have sexual fantasies with?
  • 3
    Who would you like to date?

  • 4
    Who would you get married to, make love, enjoy life with?
  • 5
    Why did you take this quiz?
  • 6
    Who would you want as your side kick/ best friend, that you can talk anything about with them?

  • 7
    If you watch *sexual videos*
    What do you get turned on by most?
  • 8
    You're at a sex party, who would you go straight to first?
  • 9
    How do you feel about this quiz?
  • 10
    (Last question! You're doing great!)

    If you were put in a situation where your parents make you choose your partner to marry for the rest of your life, what are they?

Comments (30)


149 days ago
nope not biSEXUAL im biROMANTIC and asexual
386 days ago
I'm actually Pansexual with a preference for girls, im scared to tell my parents they may judge me ... I have a crush on my bff but shes straight... Idk what to do
567 days ago
@anonymous human bean, it could be because some people don't know they are lgbt and @ pershepone, I hope you make friends who will support you
609 days ago
Throughout all the quizzes and tests about me being a lesbian or not, most of them had the outcome of “Yes, you’re a lesbian!” But some were saying I was bisexual.

I think I’ve found my sexuality, but I’ll go deeper. Either way, I accept everyone and myself. Be proud, guys!
699 days ago
i got 60% confused and 40% lovely lesbian, whst
827 days ago
How can the population of women be 70% straight, 20% lesbian and 40% bisexual?? that adds up to 130%
830 days ago
100% lovely lesbian!!!

sounds about right
878 days ago
I guess I’m lesbian, but I don’t know if I can fully except that..... I told my friends and now I have none.. 😔😕
1334 days ago
Im lesbian and I’m prod of it, but it’s hard because my parents are homophobic :(
I know they won’t accept me. Stay strong and have a wonderful day 🏳️‍🌈
1391 days ago
60% lesbian
I knew I was a lesbian but I wanted to be sure.
Hey lovely LGBT’s out there!!!! Happy Lovely Lesbians
1407 days ago
I’m a lovey lesbian wooo wooo 💕💕💕💕
1713 days ago
how come u cant react on other people’s comments on here :/
1713 days ago
Happily straight! Yay :3
1729 days ago
omg is 40% rlly bi? im not even afraid anymore............ok i lie i just feel less insecure i came out to all my friends one time nad only one of my friends exepted it bc she bi to.. i had to tell everyone im straight so im living a lie i wish it was normal to be bi...
1766 days ago
Hey it said don't be sad cuz I got leasbian what the efff ? What is that suppose to mean that I should be ashamed I don't think soo #pissedthattheysaiditsbadtobehomo
1781 days ago
Me and my best friend know that we are lesbians and we did this quiz because we was confused at first I put my name because I'm coming to put them
1797 days ago
I know I'm lesbian. I just take the quizzes so I can look at the comments and know that I'm not the only one. I'm so alone. I wish I had someone to talk to
1859 days ago
It said I was 0% straight......
I guess I do feel that way a lot... but I like boys too....
I think I'm bi.
Whatever the outcome
I'm me and I'm proud !
1859 days ago
I feel bi, but I feel like society and my family won't accept me. But I'm not even sure. I took a lot of these quizzes. They all said I'm bi
But idk.
1873 days ago
It said I'm 100% lesbian and so did the other ones. I finally know my sexuality