Lesbian Scenario Quiz: Let’s Turn You On!

This quiz has two potential audiences. It's mostly meant for anyone who doesn’t know their sexuality and wants to find out. Or you can just take it if you want to get turned on! And who DOESN'T want to get turned on? Hope you enjoy yourselves! ;-)

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    You are at the pool in the changing room putting on your super sexy bathing suit, just hoping someone will notice you. Then your best friend Neveah walks in, not knowing you were in there. Neveah happens to be a lesbian. You are still naked. She stops and looks at you, then smiles. She walks over, leans into your ear and whispers, ”Hey there, sexy - mind if I help?” Then Neveah nibbles your ear a little.

    Which of these do you most likely do?
    You are at the pool in the changing room putting on your super sexy bathing suit, just hoping someone will notice you. Then your best friend Neveah wa

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11 days ago
as im doing this quiz im supposed to be doing mths homework about angles on a STRAIGHT line lmao
21 days ago
I'm 1000% bi, but it said I was a 😻 lesbian bi
35 days ago
@omnisexual girl EXACTLY!! I WAS GINNA SAY THATT!!
43 days ago
@someone that's just a bit creepy. At least in this scenario they were friends
43 days ago
@Violet hey😋there i wouldnt mind i hope you come back on soon
44 days ago
69% Lesbian Niccccce
47 days ago
Just saying, just because someone might like boys too, it doesn't mean that you can't want this 😋🐱
64 days ago
there was a girl i liked, then told her, i found out she liked me back, then for some odd reason that i hate, i lost feeling for her. but they keep coming back and idk what to do cuz she still likes me but my feelings are off and on
65 days ago
I am actually bisexual, but this quiz is sexy. I want this type of relationship with a girl.😉
144 days ago
@i got a sitch
well if your friend makes a move i say you should go out with her! if your worried about your parents maybe you could just not tell them? or you could come out because i’m sure your parents would accept you because there your parents
keep me updated and good luck!!!
152 days ago
I also have a situation my BFF just came out as lesbian and I am lesbian but I’m too scared to come out but she knows that I’m lesbian and she made a move on me yesterday!! I like her but I don’t know what my parents will think. Help please?
178 days ago
I am bisexual
183 days ago
Okay, so. I'm in a situation where, I have a crush (female). She knows I like her and I know she has a crush, not sure which gender though since she's bi. We do truth or dare a lot and all of the clues she has given me about her crush are correct with me if that's the right way to say it. That's basically it but tell me what you would do in my situation because I actually don't know what to do. 😁
186 days ago
see ive always known I’m lesbian since I was like 7 which is sad if you ask me
187 days ago
Just because I don't want to do weird 👮 like this doesn't mean I'm not attracted to females
204 days ago
it saus i'm a lesbian, but i'm still questioning. on most of these test i either get bi or lez. help?
228 days ago
LADIES LADIES let me explain. SEXUALITY is when you are attracted to a gender SEXUALLY! So if your lesbian, you are going to have🦄with girls. BUT there is also romaticity or whatever its called. when you are attracted to a gender but not sexually. So you can be straight but have a romantic connection to both cisgenders. Do some research, maybe it will help u find urself better
228 days ago
hey yall, i love this quiz but its too short lmao. i want moreeeeeeeee
231 days ago
Omg this is sooooo rude. I do not like to 🕸 other people, I just like to be 🕸. Tha
T doesn’t make me any less of a lesbian
241 days ago
Weird, but still quite hot😌😝